Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash: Joining Forces to Find Forever Homes for 15,000 Pets

Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N' Wash: Joining Forces to Find Forever Homes for 15,000 Pets
Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N' Wash: Joining Forces to Find Forever Homes for 15,000 Pets

Pet welfare is a shared passion for Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash, two leading pet retail brands in the United States. To champion this cause, they’ve joined forces in a nationwide initiative with an ambitious goal: facilitating the adoption of 15,000 dogs and cats in 2024. This initiative aligns perfectly with National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day, celebrated on April 30th. As of May 2024, they’ve already made significant progress, with over 3,200 pets having found loving homes through their combined efforts.

The Importance of Shelter Pet Adoption

The reasons why animals end up in shelters are varied. Some are surrendered by their previous owners, while others are born strays or brought in from the streets. Recognizing the critical need for finding permanent, loving homes for these animals, Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash are actively collaborating with local shelters and rescue organizations. Through this collaboration, they will be hosting monthly adoption events at their stores across the nation.

A Commitment Beyond Numbers

Chris Rowland, CEO of both Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash, emphasizes the emotional connection between pets and their families: “It’s undeniable that pets play a vital role in our lives, often impacting us more profoundly than we realize. This year, through this initiative, we have the opportunity to rewrite the stories of 15,000 dogs and cats by connecting them with loving forever homes. We invite everyone to join us in making a difference, one adoption at a time.”

Raising Awareness: The Power of Pet Adoption

The initiative extends beyond simply facilitating adoptions. Both Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash are committed to raising awareness about the positive impact pet adoption can have on both the animals and their new families. Here are some key statistics highlighted in the press release:

  • Pets as Family Members: A staggering 97% of pet owners consider their furry companions to be true members of the family.
  • The Rise of Pet Ownership: As of 2024, 66% of U.S. households have pets, reflecting a significant increase (56%) compared to 1988.
  • The Power of Adoption: An estimated 4.1 million shelter animals find homes each year, demonstrating the positive impact millions of families have had on animal lives.
  • Feline Friends in the Lead: Statistically, more cats are adopted each year compared to dogs, although cats also have higher intake rates at shelters.
  • Declining Euthanasia Rates: The number of dogs and cats euthanized annually has significantly decreased in the last decade. In 2011, this number stood at 2.6 million. Today, it’s estimated to be around 920,000, with increased pet adoptions being a major contributing factor.

Aligning Compassion with Business

Compassion for animal well-being is deeply ingrained in the core values of both Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash. With their combined store network growing rapidly, these pet retail giants are poised to make a substantial impact on the lives of countless animals through this initiative.

About Pet Supplies Plus: A Haven for Pet Care Needs

Pet Supplies Plus offers a comprehensive selection of natural pet food options alongside a wide variety of US-made pet consumables, including food, treats, rawhide chews, and more. Their stores are designed to foster a welcoming neighborhood environment, with team members who take the time to get to know their local customers and their furry companions by name. Many Pet Supplies Plus locations offer additional in-store services such as full-service grooming, self-serve pet wash stations, and fresh bakery treats for pets. For added convenience, online prescription filling with home delivery is available for quality medications and specialty pet diets. Whether shopping online or in-store, Pet Supplies Plus makes it easy for pet parents to support local businesses while meeting their pets’ needs.

About Wag N’ Wash: Providing Comprehensive Pet Grooming Solutions

Wag N’ Wash caters to pet owners seeking both self-serve pet wash facilities and full-service grooming options. Their self-serve areas are equipped with all the necessary supplies, including aprons, towels, dry and wet brushes, shampoo, conditioner, and cologne spray. Customers opting for the full-service grooming experience can benefit from the expertise of Wag N’ Wash’s top-tier professional groomers who provide a comprehensive range of services, including nail trims, ear cleanings, and more. Recognizing the importance of offering a variety of pet products, each Wag N’ Wash location also carries dog and cat supplies like supplements, food options,

collars and leashes, toys, and other unique items.

A United Front for Animal Welfare

The collaborative effort between Pet Supplies Plus and Wag N’ Wash signifies a powerful commitment to animal welfare. By combining their resources, reach, and passion for pets, they are making a significant difference in the lives of countless animals in need. National adoption events hosted within their stores provide a platform for potential pet owners to connect with their perfect furry companions. The educational component of the initiative, highlighting the positive impact of adoption, empowers potential pet parents to make informed decisions while promoting the joy and companionship that pets bring to our lives.

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