Adrienne Leigh: A Journey Through Franchising Excellence

Adrienne Leigh
Adrienne Leigh

Adrienne Leigh’s name is synonymous with franchising excellence. As the President of Success Franchising since August 2017, Adrienne’s love for franchising is evident. Based in Houston, Texas, she brings a wealth of experience, having been a licensee, franchisee, independent business owner, and corporate professional within the franchising world. Her unique perspective is shaped by understanding both the advantages and challenges of various business models.

Adrienne often describes herself as a “non-entrepreneur” because she acknowledges that she wouldn’t have ventured into business ownership without the support and systems franchising provides. This insight fuels her passion for helping others find their niche in the franchise world. Adrienne’s presentations, often titled “Franchising – Entrepreneurship for the Corporate Soul,” reflect her belief in franchising as a proven process that reduces the fear and stress of starting a business, significantly enhancing the chances of success. She offers a comprehensive process to her clients, encompassing research, due diligence, funding, legal, and educational resources.

A Proven Track Record

Before Success Franchising, Adrienne co-founded Signs of Success in September 2004, a custom sign manufacturing company specializing in reprographics and large format printing. As a licensee of the SignWorld organization, Adrienne built the business from the ground up, experiencing 14 years of growth and enjoyment. Although she sold the business in May 2019, she retained ownership of the building, epitomizing the best aspects of business ownership.

Her tenure as a Business and Franchise Broker at Murphy Business & Financial Corporation from September 2007 to August 2017 further cemented her expertise. Adrienne facilitated the buying and selling of businesses, making the American Dream of business ownership a reality for many. She emphasizes the importance of considering the end game when buying a business or franchise, leveraging her decade-long experience in both existing business sales and new franchise sales to guide clients on expected returns on investment.

Adrienne’s journey began even earlier, from September 2003 to September 2008, as a Franchise Consultant with FranNet, where she helped individuals find the right franchise and guided them through the research process to ensure a good fit.

Educational Background and Early Career

Adrienne’s educational journey includes a Master’s in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica (1997-1999), an MBA in Entrepreneurship from UCLA Anderson School of Management (1986-1988), and a B.A. in English from UC Santa Barbara (1977-1981). Her diverse educational background enriches her approach to business and personal development.

Her early career includes a role as a Consultant at DBM (2001-2003), where she assisted individuals in career transition, and as the Managing Director at Adizes Institute Worldwide (October 1988 to July 1999). At Adizes, Adrienne managed organizational transformation projects, trained consultants, created a Licensing/Franchising program for consultants worldwide, and developed the first U.S. doctoral program for organizational transformation.

Client Testimonials and Personal Insights

Clients like Collies Anderson and Rodolfo Gonçalves laud Adrienne for her guidance through the franchise discovery and validation process. Collies highlights Adrienne’s excellent service, extensive knowledge, and resources, which enabled him to fulfill his dream of owning a business. Rodolfo appreciates her assistance from choosing the right franchise to recommending an expert SBA loan broker, leading to a smooth business opening.

Adrienne’s personal philosophy is rooted in helping individuals achieve career freedom and financial stability. She targets those disillusioned by corporate politics and constant layoff threats, offering franchising as a viable path. Adrienne’s Franchise Business Model is a personalized roadmap aligning clients’ goals, personalities, preferences, and beliefs with the right business opportunity.

Tips for Aspiring Franchisees

Adrienne advises aspiring franchisees to:
– Steer Clear of Lists: A top franchise list does not guarantee a good fit for everyone.
– Don’t Pick It Because You Like It: Consider business needs over personal preferences.
– Keep an Open Mind: Focus on the role, not just the product.

With over 20 years in the franchise industry, Adrienne has helped more than 250 franchisees achieve their goals. She’s an award-winning franchise broker who thrives on seeing people break free from the corporate world.

Currently, Adrienne is embarking on America’s Great Loop, boating from Florida to Canada, across to Chicago, and back to Florida. This adventurous spirit reflects her dynamic approach to life and business.

Adrienne Leigh’s career is a testament to her expertise, dedication, and passion for franchising. Her journey through various roles and industries has equipped her with invaluable insights, making her a trusted guide for aspiring franchisees. Adrienne’s commitment to helping others find their niche in franchising is unwavering, and her success stories are a testament to her influence and impact in the industry.

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