Shanda Trautman: A Marketing and Communications Maverick

Shanda Trautman
Shanda Trautman

Shanda Trautman stands out as a dynamic and highly accomplished professional in marketing and communications. Her career is marked by a series of strategic roles across different industries, demonstrating her versatility and leadership. Trautman is currently the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Drury University, a position she assumed in June 2024. This role, combined with her ongoing commitment as a Franchise Owner at NoBaked Cookie Dough since December 2023, highlights her ability to manage diverse responsibilities effectively.

Professional Journey and Achievements

Shanda’s career trajectory began as a Creative Director at Lawrence County Record, where she honed her skills in design and campaign development. Her eight-year tenure (2002-2010) was punctuated by numerous accolades, including National and State Best in Advertising Composition and Design from the National Newspaper Association and Missouri Advertising Manager’s Association. These early achievements set the stage for her subsequent roles in marketing and business development.

Her transition to KY3 Inc. (KYTV) in 2010 as an Account Executive marked her entry into television advertising. Here, Shanda developed significant revenue streams by building relationships with prominent clients like McDonald’s and Arby’s. Her knack for identifying key accounts and crafting effective advertising campaigns was evident as she attained top sales multiple times.

Leadership in Financial Services

Shanda’s prowess in marketing was further exemplified during her tenure at Northwestern Mutual from 2011 to 2014. As the Director of Selection and Development, she grew the Springfield office by an impressive 180% and successfully recruited over 45 individuals. Her efforts in attracting and retaining college students and coaching representatives underscored her leadership and mentorship capabilities. The development of robust advertising and marketing strategies played a critical role in enhancing the branding of the Springfield office.

Strategic Marketing at Old Missouri Bank

In 2015, Shanda joined Old Missouri Bank, embarking on a significant eight-year journey that saw her rise to Executive Vice President & Chief Marketing Officer. Throughout her tenure, she held various roles including Senior Vice President & Chief Digital Officer, and Vice President of Marketing. Her contributions were pivotal in aligning marketing strategies with the bank’s mission and vision. She developed comprehensive marketing plans, managed media and advertising efforts, and ensured compliance with branding standards. Her innovative approach and strategic insights were recognized through multiple awards, including the 2022 ABA Brand Slam for Website Redesign and the 2022 AXS 100 by Constellation Research.

Entrepreneurial Ventures and Current Roles

In addition to her corporate roles, Shanda ventured into entrepreneurship as a Franchise Owner of NoBaked Cookie Dough in December 2023. This role allowed her to leverage her marketing acumen in a different industry, demonstrating her versatility and entrepreneurial spirit.

Her most recent appointment as the Executive Director of Marketing and Communications at Drury University in June 2024 marks a new chapter in her career. This role involves overseeing marketing and communication strategies to enhance the university’s brand and outreach. Her extensive experience in strategic planning, public relations, and digital marketing positions her as a key asset to the university.

Honors and Recognition

Shanda’s contributions have not gone unnoticed. She has received numerous awards throughout her career, reflecting her excellence and impact in the field of marketing. Notable accolades include the 2019 Telly Awards for promotional videos and local TV spots, Springfield Business Journal’s Twenty Most Influential Women in 2018, and several growth awards from Northwestern Mutual. These honors underscore her ability to drive business transformation and her commitment to excellence.

Shanda Trautman’s career is a testament to her strategic thinking, innovative mindset, and leadership capabilities. Her ability to adapt and excel in various roles across different industries highlights her versatility. One can observe that her success is rooted in a deep understanding of marketing principles, a commitment to continuous improvement, and a passion for mentoring others.

Her journey reflects a blend of corporate and entrepreneurial experiences, making her a well-rounded professional. Shanda’s impact extends beyond her immediate roles, influencing the broader marketing landscape through her innovative campaigns and strategic insights. Her achievements serve as an inspiration to aspiring marketers and business leaders, demonstrating that success in marketing requires a combination of creativity, strategic thinking, and leadership.

Shanda Trautman’s impressive career and numerous accolades illustrate her significant contributions to the field of marketing and communications. Her strategic vision, leadership, and commitment to excellence continue to drive her success and influence in the industry.

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