Franchise Opportunities Under 10K Budget in The USA

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Franchising is a better option than starting a business from scratch. if you are a franchise enthusiast, this article is for you. The franchise has its benefits. It provides you with training and support to run the business. Whether you are experienced in the related field or not, since you would be the face of the brand, the franchisor ensures you are aided with continuous support in operations to run the business in accordance with their business goals. Hence, starting a business becomes an achievable target. There are franchise business opportunities available in all segments and in affordable ranges. Most franchises are flexible and you can do business at your convenience and often from home. There are many franchise opportunities under $10,000 in the USA that can be considered, and you can expect to earn profits in no time.

Here is a list of profitable franchise opportunities under a $10,000 budget for you to evaluate your options.

  • Kwik Dry Total Cleaning

Kwik Dry Total cleaning is a cleaning and maintenance company that offers cleaning services like Carpet Cleaning, Upholstery and Mattress Cleaning, Tile and Grout Cleaning, Wood Floor Cleaning, etc. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Kwik Dry was founded in 1995. The carpet cleaning industry boomed with proven revenues. The company has served nearly 127 million households with its units spread across the states. The carpet cleaning industry is known to have encashed a revenue of $5 Billion in the year 2019.

The minimum cash required for the Kwik Dry Total Cleaning franchise is $9,995. What comes along with the franchise is the dealership rights, cleaning equipment, the home brand cleaning solutions, on-site training, and ongoing support, multiple revenue streams with the services offered by the brand, and most importantly the association with a nationally accredited brand.

To Know more about the franchising opportunities with Kwik Dry, visit here: Steps To Ownership — Kwik Dry Total Cleaning

  • Baby Boot Camp

Baby Boot Camp franchises have been providing services like fitness, nutrition, and community support for mothers for more than 18 years. The brand assures constant operations support backed by a well-versed marketing strategy. At present, the brand has above 119 franchise units that have been working towards the cause across the states. Baby Boot Camp was founded in 2001 in Florida and began franchising in 2005.

The minimum investment is $6,120 and the brand provides defined training in terms of operating the franchise. The franchise fee for the brand is set up at $5,300 with a royalty fee of $175 per month.

To know more about the franchising opportunities with, Baby Boot Camp visit here: MOMLETA – Home (

  • Krispy Krunchy Chicken

Krispy Krunchy Chicken is a fast-food franchise pioneering in friend chicken. Its Lousiansa-style chicken has patrons all over the states. It started in 1989 and currently owns over 2,600 franchise units. The selling point of the franchise is that it charges no franchise or royalty fees. The minimum investment asks for $10,000 which comes along with numerous perks and it is deemed to be lucrative because of the segment. It provides customized program options, tailored graphic and professional design, customized on-site and digital training as well as an Inventory and gross profit management system.

To Know more about the franchising opportunities with Krispy Krunchy Chicken, visit here: Krispy Krunchy Program – Krispy Krunchy Chicken®

  • TruGreen

TruGreen is the nation’s largest lawn care company that provides lawn, tree, and shrub care. TruGreen is a true leader in the professional lawn care industry, and helps define responsible lawn care practices, conducts industry-leading education and training for people, and exclusively works with new application technologies. Presently, TruGreen owns over 260 units in the United States and Canada, serving more than 2.3 million residential and commercial customers. It is headquartered in Tennessee and began operations in 1973. It started franchising in the year 1993 and in the present day, offers one of the most lucrative franchise opportunities under $10,000 in the lawn care industry.

The minimum investment required to own a TruGreen Franchise is $9,500

To Know more about TruGreen, visit here: Affordable Lawn Care Maintenance & Treatment Services | TruGreen

  • Stay Safe Vending

Stay Safe Vending Machines provides Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) like masks, gloves, and sanitizers anywhere, anytime. Based in New York, the vending machine opportunity boomed with the outbreak of COVID-19. The minimum Franchise fee is $10,000. It is given that one franchisee can operate multiple vending machines and these machines can be placed at offices, schools and universities, supermarkets, etc.

To Know more about the franchising opportunities with Stay Safe Vending, visit here: Stay Safe Vending Machines (




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