How to Market a New Franchise in 10 Simple Ways?

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To create a sales pipeline for your franchise and expand your franchise network, you must put forth a concerted effort in your franchise business’s marketing and sales side. Here are some pointers to help you market your franchise business off to a good start:

  1. Build a Web Presence

    Create a web presence for yourself. Everything is on the internet in today’s market. The entire world has gone online, and it’s not just Amazon and Netflix that are doing it. Look for ways to amplify your presence, and then put in the effort. Add your franchise and your brand to as many listing sites as you can find, do it professionally, and put in the time to get your brand in front of people who are already looking for a business.

  2. Leverage Social Media

    Leverage platforms like Facebook and Twitter as much as possible. Explore other emerging social platforms too. Your lack of investment in Facebook when everyone else is getting creative will be a foolish move. Social media, it’s now a part of our daily routine, our businesses, and our personal lives. One of your team members should be in charge of generating interest in the franchise brand through social media and formulating your message, and delivering it. If you use stale, poorly thought-out social media messages, you run the risk of looking like a multi-level marketing (MLM) company.

  3. Professional Advertismenet Kit

    Update your advertising materials. No one will be able to deny that your brochure was created using stock images and a word document. Even if you PDFed your presentation, it still wouldn’t look polished. A well-thought-out, professionally done presentation will get someone to return your call or respond to your follow-up email, so invest the time and money in making one. Because today’s society is so visually oriented, you’ll need a talented graphic designer to help you market your franchise effectively.

  4. Slay Aspirational Content to Market your Franchise

    Be a master of content. The internet is becoming more competitive in all areas, but it is especially fierce in the franchise industry. You must be a market thought leader. If you sell shoes, come up with thought-provoking ideas and spend time engaging content that will grow your audience. Write about shoes every week if you can. It is said that “write about it and they will come,” so why not try it out?

  5.  Improve Conversion Metrics

    Recognize the conversion process. Being good at getting the attention of a potential customer is only the first step in a multi-step marketing process. If people visit your site but do not give you their contact information, you are wasting your time in the prospecting phase of marketing. Create tools that compel visitors to stay on your site and learn more about you.

  6. Invest in Branding Assets

    Give your franchise logo a modern facelift. It might hurt you like a ton of bricks in the chest, you might feel insulted at first, but soon you will realize how genuine the recommendation is. For me, it’s the same as it is for you: hire a professional to come up with a design that says something about your company and not just a 99Designs contest winner.

  7. Ensure Perfect Communication

    You should know how important it is to have a franchisee. Owners of franchises have every right to voice their opinions about the brand they are considering investing in. Find all the spelling mistakes on your website, and know your presentation well enough not to lose a deal because you spelled “friend” incorrectly in your brochure.

  8. Identify Franchise Investors to Market your Franchise

    Use the resources you have at your disposal. Referral sales account for the majority of all franchise sales (38 percent). Even though it may seem obvious for a large franchise brand with hundreds of franchise locations to drive referrals in, you’d be surprised at how many times your vendors and other people you know become early franchise investors in new franchise systems. Even if you feel embarrassed about selling your buddy a franchise, talk to people and present to them. It’s worth the time.

  9. Attend Franchise Events

    Go to franchise events if you’re interested in learning more. Taking a booth to a franchise tradeshow or exhibition can be expensive, but you can always go to these events and attend. The only real expenses are your time and energy. Many of the people you meet at trade shows, events, and networking functions can help you find a franchisee, or they may even be the franchisee themselves.

  10. Market your Franchise with Franchise Brokers

    Use franchise brokers as a resource. If you’re starting, you’ll need all the help you can get from people who are willing to work for a commission. Franchise brokers put their own money on the line to generate your business’s share of the leads they generate. Yes, if you are a new franchise, you can market your franchise by offering up to pay 50% plus commissions. It makes perfect sense because you will win royalties and validate your brand.