Proven Ways to Manage Cash Flow for Franchise Business

Proven Ways to Manage Cash Flow for Franchise Business

In the franchise industry, one of the predominant worries is how to manage cash flow for a franchise business. To outgrow the possible limitations of being a beginner, advancing on the outreach of a steady cash flow helps stay in a business for a longer run. 

According to a study by US banks, around 82% of businesses fail because of the unavailability of required cash. For those who stay in business and overcome their first turbulent year, cash flow management helps them survive longer. Irrespective of the size of the business, a regular cash inflow keeps the business running. And in the case of franchise businesses, efficient cash flow management is a must. The franchises need to understand their financial goals and work accordingly. Balancing out the sheets should be the goal. Not just profit, but keeping a check on cash inflow and outflow is vital. 

Whether it is quarterly, half-yearly or annual regulations, cash flow management should be at the forefront of a business. Here are a few states that can check the cash flow in the franchise business.

  • Keeping an Eagle’s Eye on the Books

Maintaining cash inflow and outflow records is crucial in the beginning and throughout the business journey. It helps you keep a check on the unnecessary expenses like penalty payments for late bill payments and overburdening the cash system by irregular payments that get carried over to the succeeding month or quarter. Prioritizing plays a major role in everything. 

  • Reducing/Clearing Debts from the Sheets

Whatever industry it may be, businesses have the upper hand when settling things on credits. The suppliers might function on credits; the clients might, and so on. While the credit system buys the business some time to arrange the money from the profits, keeping the debts crystal clear is better. It is rather difficult not to postpone payments and clear everything altogether. Still, it isn’t easy to be consistent and yet manage to take profits from the franchise business. 

  • Forecasting Cash Flows

Cash flows can be judged after a year of the business running, yet it’s no harm to keep a figure in mind for the ‘just-in-case’ situations. Forecasting cash needs in terms of payments of the overheads and miscellaneous expenses, as well as the seasonal ones. If the franchise is expected to be seasonal, that also needs to be accounted for in the forecast. Doing this simply will keep you ready for off-guard situations.

  • Recruiting Efficient Employees

Making efficient, trustworthy people a part of a franchise business is inevident. A lot that is experienced and sound in handling the financial aspects of a franchise business is a jackpot. Efficient people make the most without draining the resources and franchisors’ growth potential. For a business to sustain itself, giving heed to unskilled lot and working hand in hand with the trained and talented employees makes a lot of difference. 

  • Keeping a Fortuity Fund Safe

The economy fluctuates widely. Whether the business is prepared to take the hits and stand still or break down is all that matters. For those uncertain tenures, keeping a contingency fund ready is helpful.

  • Reducing Misuse of the Profits or the Available Cash

It prioritizes and channelizes the profits to the business towards certain issues. This helps to save the business from being in a pickle. Expenses like the monthly overhead in lease, electricity, gas, and paying off the suppliers and vendors. Planning the best utilization of the incurred profits ensures a steady cash flow in the business. This helps in two ways-

  1. It ensures that you maintain the balance sheet and utilize the resources optimally.
  2. It keeps the debt books clear, and the business does not get strained with the burden of delayed payments.
  • Digitalising

A business that is digitally empowered gives better results. The paperwork done manually is tedious, time taking, and labor-intensive. Moreover, it just takes up more space, and in case of any disaster, there are chances of misplacing the documents, files, and everything that might be important to the business in the long run. Digitizing helps save the business from all such mishaps and save fortunes. Plus, everything is just a click away and accessible from anywhere in the world.

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