Six Ways to Build a Network of Independent Franchise Consultants

Independent franchise consultants
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Independent franchise consultants have always had it tough when compared to how full-time employees are treated with dignity and respect. Independent franchise consultants are technically more capable than regular employees since they constantly compete to offer the best in an atmosphere where professional security is not guaranteed.

It is far easier to rely on a freelance consultant than a full-time staff to supply work at the last minute. In that case, a corporation is not required to consider employee wellness due to excessive or unmanaged stress. A freelancer will never complain and will gladly accept employment.

The interesting thing is that, despite their status as a go-to resource for any on-demand task, freelance consultants are not as regarded or valued as full-time workers. Whether a full-time employee (FTE) is similarly skilled as a part-time employee, FTEs enjoy special social rights.

Therefore, if you are a progressive franchise business or an HR-Recruiter hiring freelance consultants for an emerging franchise business, consider that you offer as much value to your freelancers as they do to your business. Concentrate on the following requests that freelancers deserve but do not make.

Six Ways to Treat Independent Franchise Consultants

Freelance consultants deserve to be treated fairly during negotiations. Ascertain that when you present a budget for a certain assignment, you give the freelancer an equal opportunity to suggest a counteroffer appropriate for their skill set and job satisfaction. Offer the same compensation you would offer an FTE, as you would expect nothing less.

Treat your consultants to week-offs. When you sign a long-term contract with a freelancer, they need to be considered for week offs or national holidays. Recognize that they are not inferior humans or professionals. You’ve contacted them only when you’re sure in their capacity to fulfill your request. They, too, are entitled to breaks.

Freelancer consultants are entitled to medical care like any other professional. What if the work you require during the pandemic requires your freelancer to engage with susceptible communities, or even if the work is done in-house, and they become ill due to the unavoidable work stress? Your independent contractors should have the same access to health insurance that you have.

Independent consultants deserve complete transparency about your company’s product or service, as well as its current market position, to fully understand the scope of your request. You will always be required to sign an NDA due to the nature of the business; therefore, do not keep them in the dark. If you’re marketing an automation product as an AI solution, be upfront about it.

Invite your consultants to your company’s meetings and networking activities. It is entirely up to them whether or not they wish to participate. However, providing your freelancers with an inside look into your culture enables them to recognize your worth. It instills confidence in them and aligns their attitude with the FTEs’ for reduced iteration.

Independent franchise consultants deserve pleasant surprises. Are you of the opinion that this is incorrect? If your franchise consultant’s birthday falls on a weekend, sending them an Amazon gift card, a box of sweets or a social media shoutout is a gesture of compassion. It elevates your franchise brand to a higher pedestal while allowing your freelancer to feel more comfortable working with you as a long-term resource.

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