Top Five Franchise Brokerage Firms in the U.S.

Top Five Franchise Brokerage Firms in the U.S.
Top Five Franchise Brokerage Firms in the U.S.

Whether you are looking forward to starting a business or developing and improvement of the business, hiring franchise brokers to do the job offers seamless opportunity. This gives you an upper hand on the tedious processes involved in franchising a business. Franchise brokers bridge the gaps between the franchisor and the franchisee. For the franchisors, they help in improving the business aiming at its growth by fetching efficient franchisees. On the other hand, these franchise consultants act as franchise brokers that help the franchisees find their match with the franchise, and provide valuable insights and guidance that can help avoid expensive mistakes. They also help in understanding the systems and processes involved in franchising. 

In the current day, the U.S. market has an abundance of franchise consultants, brokerage and development firms available to both the franchisees and the franchisors. However, the experience and understanding of the firm in the franchising market’s paradigm speak a lot about what the firm can deliver. Essentially, the firms do not charge the aspiring franchising candidates, majorly get paid in commission by selling a franchise to the franchisee. 

When choosing a franchise consultant and brokerage firm consider categorizing them in terms of experience, success rate, and fees. The primary concern should be the comfort of working with a particular firm. You need to make sure the firm understands your goals and needs associated with the franchising business. You need to communicate clearly with the franchise consultant or broker results in less being in oblivion. You need to actively ask questions to get answers and make sure you are being understood to find the franchise that is right for you or take the business in the right direction.

In this article, we have brought in the Top 8 Franchise Brokerage Firms in the U.S., to make your job easier. We have 

  1. FranChoice 
  2. The Entrepreneur’s Source
  3. Franserve
  4. IFPG
  5. Business Alliance Inc. BAI
  6. Franchise Brokers Association 
  7. FCC, The Franchise Consulting Company 
  8. FranNet 


FranChoice, a Minnesota-based franchise consulting firm has spent more than two decades in the franchise industry. The vision of the company is to help virtually everyone looking for a great franchise. FranChoice follows a personalized evaluation model to evaluate the characteristics of the franchisors about their goals. This enables them to lay down the best match for the franchisees and entrepreneurs. The years of experience and better connections in the industry have made it possible fo rth e company to provide a wide range of options in front of aspiring franchisees. Over everything, they do it free of cost for the entrepreneurs entering the franchise industry, aspiring to own a franchise business and make a stand for themselves. 

 The firm’s mission is to “help people realize their dreams

To know more about the firm, visit: FranChoice – FranChoice

For the individuals considering franchise ownership, get started with your free consultation here:  Ready to Get Started? – FranChoice – Begin Your Franchise Search Here

If you wish to join the firm as a  Franchise Consultant, visit- Become a FranChoice Consultant – FranChoice – Who We Look For and Why.

FranChoice has a Portfolio of Franchisors. To join FranChoice as a Franchisor, visit: Join Our Portfolio Of Franchisors – FranChoice – Review Available Options


The Entrepreneur’s Source

With about thirty-eight years of work in educating people about franchising business, The Entrepreneur’s Source is a recognized leader in Career Ownership Coaching™. The organization provides highly trained coaches to help people achieve their dreams of financial freedom nationwide. The whole process with The Entrepreneur’s Source emphasizes clarity as the end goal. More than being the conventional franchise broker, the firm helps its clients by educating them, understanding their goals, and bringing in clarity on what kind of business is best suited for them. 

The insight that the firm is providing, is free of cost. They get paid by the franchise partners that the client chooses to work with. The Entrepreneur’s Source partners with over 250 of the nation’s most acclaimed franchisors, which does not limit the inspiring franchisee’s options to choose from. 

To get more details on this unique approach to the franchising concept and connect with the organization, visit: Connect with a Coach | The Entrepreneurs Source

To become a career coach with The Entrepreneur’s Source, Visit: The Leading Coaching Franchise | Franchise Opportunities | The Entrepreneur’s Source (



With small business ownership in rising, FranServe has grabbed the attention of franchise business owner aspirants by representing over 550 well-established franchises in the country. The constant demand of franchising business, the fFranServe, Inc. has gathered a team of experts to get their clients the taste of success.  They work with both parties- franchisees, and franchisors. Founded in the year 2012, FranServe has taken the franchise industry by storm with a team of 100+ years of combined industry experience. 

To know more about the largest franchising consulting and Expansion organization, visit:

To join FranServe as a Franchise Consultant, Visit: FranServe – Become a Franchise Consultant! Franchise Opportunity |



International Franchise Professionals Group, also known as IFPG is a membership-based organization that has over 1200 members. The said association contains individuals who are Franchisors, Franchisor Brokers, Lenders, and other Franchise Professionals that help potential candidates in the process of buying a franchise. 

IFPG has been the representative of hundreds of nationally recognized franchise companies. Many franchise consultants and brokers have chosen to power their businesses. Founded in the year 2012, and headquartered in Parlin, New Jersey, the organization specializes in everything related to the franchising business- franchise consultants, franchise lawyers, and other franchise professionals. 

Apart from getting the franchise professionals under one umbrella, the group also provides training to franchise consultants. Exclusive to IFPG members, the group has a brokers’ connect magazine, and organizes annual retreats where discussion panels are conducted to connect with the franchise broker group.

Solely for the candidates looking for franchise ownership, IFPG offers Career Transition Leads Programme. There are various other services provided including Franchise Sales CRM, IFPG DIGITAL, Franchise Consultant Magazine, IFPG Radio, IFPG Retreat, IFPG Franchise Summit, CFC certification, IFPG Virtual Speed Networking, Top Producer Program, Regional Discovery Mixer and IFPG Impact Sessions.

The Entrepreneur Magazine has recognized IFPG as the rank #1 Franchise Consultant Network for 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022.

To know more about  International Franchise Professionals Group, Visit: 

To know more about IFPG Programs and Companies: IFPG Programs & Companies Overview

If you are a consultant, franchisor, or vendor, and you are considering joining the IFPG, visit: Membership Info & Benefits | IFPG Franchise Consultants and Franchise Brokers


BAI Business Alliance Inc.

Business Alliance Inc. is one of the largest and oldest franchise opportunity brokerage companies in the United States. 

Founded in 1991, the firm has been match-making between prospective business owners with franchise businesses. They operated out of their Seattle headquarters with over 250 Registered Franchise Consultants throughout the country. 


Learn more about the Business Alliance, Inc. Franchise Brokerage | Business Alliance Inc. | Learn More

If you are looking for a franchise: Business Alliance, Inc. Largest Franchise Brokerage Firms | Business Alliance, Inc. | Learn More ( 

Established companies looking to franchise and expand their business can look up: Business Alliance, Inc. Promote Your Franchise With BAI | Business Alliance, Inc. | Learn More (

To get started with the franchise consulting business with BAI, visit Business Alliance, Inc. BAI Recruit | Business Alliance Inc.




Founded in 1987, FranNet aims at educating individuals about the franchise industry and as an aspiring franchise business owner, helps you to find the right franchise to suit your goals. Their services are completely free for franchisees. FranNet consultants are dedicated to a consultative process to determine a business model unique to each person. From fetching a business, through the process of buying the franchise and commencing with the operations, FranNet provides its services throughout. The firm necessarily focuses on empowering the local markets, hence its process achieves success more so than its competitors.

To know more about FranNet, visit their website: FranNet: Franchise Opportunities, Information, and Consulting

The firm also provides a Broker Disclosure Document on its website. 

To look up the director of the franchises that the firm represents, visit; Franchise Directory | FranNet



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