Top Five Green Franchises to Buy in 2023

Top Five Green Franchises to Buy in 2023
Top Five Green Franchises to Buy in 2023

With sustainability on the rise as the new normal, consumers are getting drawn to eco-friendly ways of operating businesses as well. Especially, the current consumer demographics consist majorly of the Millennials and Gen-Z generations. Young entrepreneurs are drawn to businesses that provide environmentally friendly goods and services. This is reflected in the kinds of franchises they are creating, such as those in the health and beauty industry and those that use eco-friendly cleaning supplies. By making an investment in a green franchise, you can benefit financially while also doing good for the environment. Eco-friendly goods and services will help you stand out from the competition in addition to being beneficial for the environment. Environmentally friendly products and practices will take you as an investor far ahead in the competition. It will be a leap into environmentally conscious products and services standing out in the market. 

The IFPG determines the best franchises that have been green and eco-friendly franchises for the week ending January 8, 2023. This data is taken from the internal data collected from the portal to help identify which clean and eco-friendly franchises had the most activity in the past week. It is important to bring to light that the rankings are not made by analyzing the franchise sales, franchise success rates, or similar categories. This ranking methodology is used to help find new and future franchise systems. 

Here are the top 5 green franchises to buy in 2023:

Rank 1: Koala Insulation-

Koala Insulation, which was established in 2018, benefits both clients and franchise partners. Its endearing brand illustrates how property owners may save the environment while recouping the expense of any insulating work. Franchise partners do this through a straightforward business strategy, regular business hours, and excellent work-life balance.

The Cash investment is $150,000 and the total investment rounds up to $190,200. The franchise requires a minimum net worth of $250,000. The franchise fee on the other hand is $49,500 with a royalty of 6.5% for the first million. The franchise also offers a Veteran discount of 10% off the first territory franchisee fee.

To know more about the franchising opportunities with Koala Insulation Visit here:

Rank 2: Oxi Fresh

The long dry times of the past have been replaced by the green, quick-drying, oxygen-powered cleanings of Oxi Fresh, and the future of carpet cleaning has arrived. Customers adore our ground-breaking method because it makes carpets seem brand new without the hassle they’ve been accustomed to with other cleaners.

Due to the enormous opportunity presented by the World’s Greenest Carpet Cleaner®, entrepreneurs from all over the United States and Canada have joined the Oxi Fresh Team. After all, what they receive from Oxi Fresh is more than just a cleaning system; it’s a whole business created to provide them with the independence and security they require to fulfill their financial aspirations.

The cash investment for the franchise is $41,900 with a total investment rounding up to $65,000. While the franchise does not have any requirements of net worth for the franchisees, the franchise fee is $41,900. The royalty fee is $395 per month and it offers a veteran discount of 10% off the franchise cost.

For franchising and franchise details, visit here: Just a moment… (


Rank 3: Clean Juice 

In a league of its own, Clean Juice excels. There are other juice bar franchises, but Clean Juice is the only one with USDA organic certification. In addition to being a juice bar, Clean Juice is also a nutrition and wellness brand. The products are indeed the purest on the planet since they don’t include toxic pesticides, added sweeteners, or antibiotics.

The company was established in 2014 and the first unit franchises in 2016. 

The franchise requires a minimum net worth of $500,000 alongside a franchise fee of $45,000. The cash investment speculated for the franchise is $120,000 and a total investment of $400,000The franchise’s royalty fee is 6%. While the franchise fee comes discounted for the Veteran franchisees, the franchise is not home-based and requires the franchisees to be present at the store location.

To know more about the franchising opportunities with the Clean Juice brand, Visit here: Juice & Smoothie Franchise | Clean Juice Franchise (


Rank 4: Junkluggers

The most environmentally conscious and neighborhood-focused junk removal franchise system is Junkluggers. We are a lively and well-known company dedicated to removing rubbish in an environmentally responsible way and with a strong focus on our customers. The Junkluggers have over twelve years of expertise in the field and have firsthand knowledge of every facet of the junk removal business.

The company was established in 2004 and commenced franchising in 2012. Currently, the franchise has over 360+ territories sold to franchisees. 

The total cash investment required by the franchise is expected to cost between $121,160 and $372,690. The cash investment is $100,000. The franchise requires the franchisees to have a minimum net worth of $500K & $100 liquid cash for a single unit and a ceiling of up to $1.2 M net worth and $300K liquid cash.

The franchise provides support and training at a cost of $5,000. The royalty fee that the franchise charges is 7%. There is a discount of $5,000 off the franchise fee for veteran franchisees.

To know more about the franchising opportunities with the Junkluggers, visit:Join The Junkluggers Mission | Junklugger Franchise Opportunities


Rank 5: No-H2O

Waterless car cleaning franchise No-H2O is unmatched and is upending the car wash business. No-H2O On Demand, which operates like Uber but for car washing, will transform urban car maintenance. No-H2O On Demand is a pure convenience-based business powered by a mobile app that targets time-starved, busy consumers. It offers the user a completely fresh & distinctive experience when it comes to car care. Their unique, environmentally friendly substance works on all degrees of dirt, from light traffic film to heavy road grime, and may be used on the exterior, interior, and glass.

Established in 2007, the company started franchising in 2012. The franchise requires the franchisees to have a minimum net worth of $500,000 while the franchise fee is $49,500. 

To know more about the franchise and the franchising opportunities with the waterless car wash solution franchise, visit here: Car Wash Franchise – No-H2O (


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