Top Rated Franchises Under 50K Budget

Top Rated Franchises Under 50K Budget
Top Rated Franchises Under 50K Budget

Franchising takes way less time to reap the invested amount along with scaleable profits. There are franchises available in all segments of the business market and at affordable start-up costs as well.  Here are a few top-performing franchises under 50K budget ($50,000 budget).

ClaimTek Systems is a medical billing solution headquartered in Irvine, California. ClaimTek is the only company that enables franchisees to work with Medical or Dental specialties to maximize revenue from multiple sources alike Internal Medicine, Durable Medical Equipment (DME), Urgent Care, Surgical clinics, Cardiology, Mental health, Dental Surgeons, Family Practices, etc.

The company was founded in 1993 and started franchising in 1994. Currently, the franchise operates through its whooping 1050 units. It holds records for being one of the best franchises to take up low investments.

The franchise requires a liquid capital of $25,000 and the net investment can range from $28,000- $55,000. 

To know more about ClaimTek Systems franchising details, visit here: ClaimTek Systems | Franchise Costs & Information | FranNet


Miracle Method is the nation’s largest surface restoration franchise in North America. The franchise has 140 locations all over the U.S. and Canada. They specialize in repairing and restoring all types of tubs, ceramic tiles, and countertops. The minimum cash required to start a Miracle Method franchise is $45,000. The initial franchise fee for the company is $45,000. The range of total investment lies somewhere between $85,000- $149,900.

The standard Miracle Method Franchise includes a protected territory that contains approximately 300,000 people. The franchise’s network-wide average sales in 2020 were $895,000 and the highest sales by a single franchise were $2.6 million. The franchise comes with a scaleable and manageable business system, comprehensive training and support, and a lot more.

To know more about Miracle Method Surface Refurnishing franchise, visit here: Miracle Method Franchise Sales


Frost Shades is a residential and commercial window tinting and frosting company. They provide services like Residential and Commercial Window Tinting, UV rays protection shields, Decorative films as well as Privacy and security films. The franchise has an integrated marketing system that supports the franchisees to generate a steady flow of new customers.

The Investment required is $30,000 with the franchise fee set at $30,000. The investment ranges from $47,000 to $78,000. With low startup costs, the ongoing operating costs are low as well. The business model provides maximum profitability.

To know more about Frost Shades Franchising, Visit here: Window Tinting Franchise | Own a Frost Shades Franchise (


Max’s Pet Market & Salon is an all-natural and organic “solutions-based” Pet market offering the highest quality natural and organic pet nutritional solutions, traits, toys, and grooming services. 

Headquartered in Wesley Chapel, Florida, Max’s store is well taken by the locales, proving the brand’s success in the locality. The minimum startup cost is $45,000. The setup will include a pet market attached to a salon that promotes cage-free grooming practices. 

To know more about Max’s Pet Market & Salon franchising, visit here: Franchise Opportunities – Max’s Pet Market & Salon (


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