Trends in the Franchise Industry that Gained Success in The Year 2022

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Following the global pandemic’s start in 2019, franchise firms faced tough hurdles in 2020 and 2021. The year 2022 has been fairly successful for the franchise industry. By the end of 2021, an analysis by FRAN data estimated a 3.5% increase in the number of franchised businesses operating in the United States. Due to layoffs, furloughs, and “the Great Resignation,” there was a surge in people looking for franchising opportunities. The Wall Street Journal reports that “almost 4.4 million Americans left their jobs in September 2021 alone.”

With so many significant improvements, the year 2022 significantly restored the corporate community’s lost optimism.

 The following are the Trends in the Franchise Industry that Gained Success in The Year 2022: 

  • Influence of the Gen-Z

Gen-Z is one of the most entrepreneurial generations. Nearly 54 percent of the Gen-Z population affirmed their desire to launch their own business, according to Nielsen’s study. For the younger set, franchising is an intriguing possibility.

  • Franchise Consulting

Franchise consulting has developed into a lucrative professional choice as the franchise market shows enormous signals of progress. These specialized matchmakers are used by franchisors to find qualified applicants for franchisees. The consultants’ efforts are helping to expand the pool of potential franchisees. The rising demand for franchising has made franchise consulting one of the top trends in the Franchise Industry for 2022.

  • Rise of Umbrella Franchise Units Concept

Numerous franchises have turned to alliances with other franchises and a handful of umbrella franchisors as a last resort. A potentially wise strategy to share resources, sell franchises, and split earnings is the current trend of acquiring the parent franchise. Franchise Sales Organizations (FSOs) are growing in size and becoming more uniform. These FSOs aid in the development of developing franchises and brands as well as their success in finding a larger pool of potential franchisees.

  • Take Over Automation 

Business is driven by automation and technology. We have advanced technologically from where we were because of Covid-19. Although virtual meetings and workspaces won’t ever completely replace physical offices, they have made managing distant enterprises considerably more effective and affordable.

In place of COVID-19 social distance limits, many businesses—such as restaurants—went to “touchless ordering” and other similar practices. Given how successfully technology has helped businesses structure themselves, franchisors are eager to invest in technology and subsequently create a work atmosphere that is tech-friendly for both employees and customers. This in turn communicates the brand identity and values. Franchisees relish working with brands that appear to be easy to deal with.

The trends in the franchise industry were affected by a lot of ups and downs in the economy. Despite the falling signs of the lending market and the challenges posed by various other sources, the franchising industry has seen massive growth in the year 2022.

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