Ways to Market a New Franchise in 10 Simple Ways

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You must deliberate effort in the marketing and sales side of your franchise business to establish a sales funnel and expand your franchise network. To get your franchise business off to a strong start, here are some tips:

  1. Build a Web Presence

    Make a personal online presence a priority. In today’s economy, everything is available online. Even Amazon and Netflix aren’t exempt from the online revolution. Then, put in the effort to make your presence known. Put in the effort to promote your brand in front of those already in the market for a business opportunity by submitting your franchise and brand to as many listing sites as possible.

  2. Leverage Social Media

    Please take advantage of social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter to their full potential. Try out new social media platforms as well. You’ll make a mistake if you don’t get involved in Facebook when everyone else is. What was once a luxury is now needed in many people’s everyday lives. One of your team members should handle social media marketing and is also responsible for creating and delivering your message. If your social media messaging is stale and poorly thought out, you risk looking like an MLM organization.

  3. Professional Advertismenet Kit

    Refresh your marketing collateral. Using stock photographs and a Microsoft Word document, no one can refute that your brochure was produced from scratch. PDFing your presentation won’t make it appear any better. If you want someone to return your call or answer your follow-up email, make a well-thought-out, professionally done presentation. A good graphic designer is essential to promoting your brand in today’s visual-oriented world.

  4. Slay Aspirational Content to Market your Franchise

    Become an expert in your field. The franchise industry is particularly hard hit by the rising tide of online competition, which is seen across the board. Be the market’s foremost authority on current trends. Create thought-provoking ideas and post material to build your audience if you’re selling shoes. If you can, write about shoes at least once a week. What’s the harm in giving it a whirl and seeing what happens?

  5.  Improve Conversion Metrics

    Realize that a conversion is taking place. Getting a customer’s attention is the beginning of a lengthy marketing process. Prospecting is a waste of time if no one provides you with their contact information after visiting your website. Create tools that encourage people to spend more time on your website and discover more about you.

  6. Invest in Branding Assets

    Update the look of your franchise logo. It may seem like the recommendation is an insult for a brief while, but you’ll soon see how sincere it is. My advice to you is the same one I’d give myself: pay a professional to create a design you can be proud of, not just a 99Designs contest winner.

  7. Ensure Perfect Communication

    You need to understand the importance of a franchisee. Owners of franchisees have the right to express their thoughts on the brand they are considering investing in. Check your website for spelling issues, and know your presentation well enough, so you don’t lose a business because you misspelled “friend” in your brochure.

  8. Identify Franchise Investors to Market your Franchise

    Make the most of the resources you have available to you. The majority of franchise sales are generated through word-of-mouth (38 percent). A huge franchise brand with hundreds of locations may seem apparent to generate referrals. Still, you’d be shocked at how many of your vendors and other individuals you know become early franchise investors in new systems. Talk to people even if you’re uncomfortable selling your friend a franchise. It’s time well spent.

  9. Attend Franchise Events

    If you’re curious about franchising, check out local franchise events. Attending a franchise expo or exhibition can be expensive, but you can still participate. Time and effort are the only true costs. Trade exhibitions, gatherings, and networking occasions are great places to meet potential franchisees. You may even run into the franchisees themselves.

  10. Market your Franchise with Franchise Brokers

    Make use of the services of franchise brokers. In the beginning, you’ll need all the aid you can get from those ready to work for a fee. Your business’s part of the leads generated by franchise brokers is put at risk by the brokers themselves. You can advertise your new franchise by offering to pay up to 50% plus commissions if you are a new franchise. To win royalties and establish your brand, this is a no-brainer.