F45 Training Holdings Inc. Among the Fastest Growing Franchises

F45 Training Holdings Inc
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One of the fastest-growing franchises in 2022 has been named by Entrepreneur.com as F45 Training Holdings Inc. (NYSE: FXLV). The March issue of Fastest-Growing Franchises presents the publication’s annual ranking of the world’s fastest-growing franchises. As the top fitness franchisor in North America and the world, F45 Training came in at number ten globally and number fourteen in that region.

The brand’s Fitness Training Classes include-

Functional HIIT

  • To provide a functional full-body workout, F45 is specifically designed to improve energy levels and metabolic rate and strength and endurance.

Team Training

  • At F45 Training, the team mentality encourages members to transform their lifestyles physically and mentally while promoting community growth and an ego-free attitude.

45 Minutes

  • F45 is one of the most time-effective methods available today as a way to train. Each 45-minute session is designed to burn as many as 750 calories.

Adam Gilchrist, F45 Training’s President, CEO, and Chairman, say it’s an incredible honor and achievement to be named one of Entrepreneur’s fastest-growing franchises. It’s proof of the team’s dedication to its franchisees and members, which can’t be overstated. Adam is confident that the brand will continue to grow despite the fitness industry’s difficulties during the pandemic, and the team has remained resilient.

Entrepreneur compiles a list of the fastest-growing franchises based on data submitted for its annual Franchise 500®. F45’s efforts to keep up with the ever-changing franchise market have been recognized with this award. From July 31, 2020, to July 31, 2021, net unit growth is calculated for all franchises, both domestic and international, and company-owned units, and ties are broken based on percentage growth.

Caruso, Entrepreneur’s Senior Vice President of Franchising, said, “Growth is what franchising is all about.” The 2022 Fastest-Growing Franchises ranking highlights the industry’s extraordinary momentum over the last year and identifies the franchise brands with the greatest unit growth.

Customers at F45 Training Holdings Inc can expect 45-minute workouts that are effective, fun, and community-oriented. The Fitness programming algorithms and patented technology-enabled delivery platforms are used by F45 to offer new workouts each day and provide a consistent experience across the company’s global footprint. F45’s content database contains over 8,000 unique functional training movements across various training modalities. Visit www.entrepreneur.com/franchises/fastestgrowing to see F45’s full ranking.

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