FullSpeed Automotive Adds New Chief People Officer To The Team

FullSpeed Automotive Adds New Chief People Officer
FullSpeed Automotive Adds New Chief People Officer

FullSpeed Automotive announces the new Chief People Officer, Kate Hyatt. Hyatt has taken over the position on 9th January 2023. This newest addition is set to change the course of human resources in the company.

In addition to holding top leadership positions at Corporate Express, Staples, ProBuild, Healthgrades, and Vantage Data Centers, Hyatt has over 30 years of expertise in human resources. Hyatt, who serves as the Chief People Officer (CPO) of FullSpeed, will assist FullSpeed in accelerating business results through cutting-edge people initiatives. With a proven track record of successfully managing due diligence, post-acquisition integration, and cultural alignment, Hyatt’s experience in mergers and acquisitions will be crucial to her role and aid in the smooth integration of FullSpeed’s acquisitions into the business.

Hyatt established the first worldwide HR team and function in her prior position at Vantage, which facilitated the organization’s rapid development and corporate restructuring. She has given numerous presentations on employee engagement, culture, change management, efficient compensation/benefit schemes, and collaborative work environments. She is a well-known conference speaker. Hyatt is sought after to join numerous advisory boards by vendor partners and tech entrepreneurs who value her expertise.

Rob Lynch, Chief Executive Officer of FullSpeed Automotive, mentions a great relief with the decision of adding Hyatt to the leadership position. The CEO is confident about the company Hyatt’s potential and her amalgamation into the company’s culture and systems.

Hyatt added, “It’s amazing to see how committed the FullSpeed team is to foster a great workplace for its employees. I’m happy to be a part of the team and am looking forward to contributing fresh, creative ideas.”

About Fullspeed Automotive:

One of the top automotive aftermarket companies in the business is FullSpeed Automotive®, one of the biggest franchisors and operators of automotive aftermarket repair facilities in the country and the parent company of the household names Grease Monkey®, SpeeDee Oil Change & Auto Service®, and Kwik Kar®.

The primary goal of FullSpeed Automotive is to support franchisees in starting new businesses. However, the company also buys independent operators’ car servicing businesses when they’re prepared to sell. When franchisees invest with the FullSpeed Automotive® brands, they are investing in a company with a strong culture, sound systems, and tested business models, all of which are supported by a combined total of more than 70 years of experience in the provision of high-quality auto care.

For franchising opportunities with the franchises offered by Fullspeed Automotive, visit here:


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