GRCC Awards Minuteman Press Small Business of the Year 2022

Small Business of the Year 2022
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Minuteman Press, located at 334 South Avenue E in Westfield, New Jersey, has been named the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce’s (GRCC) Small Business of the Year 2022. Jim Mooney, owner of Minuteman Press in Westfield, accepted the award on behalf of the company at the GRCC’s 110th Annual Awards Dinner on March 31, 2022.

According to the awards program, Minuteman Press in Westfield was named Small Business of the Year for “being exemplary members” who are generous with their time, advice, and support to the Chamber and the broader business community.

Jim describes it as an incredible honor to be named the Gateway Regional Chamber of Commerce’s Small Business. The brand takes pride in its work being displayed or distributed throughout the community – storefronts, window signage, direct mail, brochures, and business cards. They are delighted to receive such a prestigious award recognizing our efforts and dedication to their clients.

Since July 2018, Jim and his son Seamus have operated minuteman Press in Westfield. Jim’s professional experience includes strategic marketing management for multi-unit franchise brands in various industries. Jim has spent most of his career in franchise marketing and is a firm believer in franchising. Because he had previously worked in advertising agencies with production and graphic design capabilities, he felt completely at ease purchasing this business.

Jim Mooney describes Minuteman Press as an advertising agency for other Westfield-area businesses. His career skills are a good match for what we’re doing, and he’s proud of his capabilities and the infrastructure he’s built as a Minuteman Press franchisee.

In terms of family, while Jim focuses on marketing, his son Seamus oversees most operations. Jim asserts that Seamus is an exceptional Vice President of Operations and that he could not succeed without him. They make an excellent team because their skills complement one another.

Jim hopes to maintain the momentum with the Small Business of the Year 2022 award, which means a great deal to them. They are looking forward to assisting existing and new clients with their printing, marketing, and promotion needs.

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