Houston Witnessed The Great American Franchise Trade Show And Expo

The Great American Franchise Trade Show & Expo hosted by the Great American Franchise Expo on the 12th and 13th of November, 2022 in Houston.
The Great American Franchise Trade Show & Expo hosted by the Great American Franchise Expo on the 12th and 13th of November, 2022 in Houston.

The Great American Franchise Trade Show & Expo hosted by the Great American Franchise Expo was organized in Houston, Texas on the 12th and 13th of November, 2022. The venue for the two-day expo event was The Lone Star Convention & Expo Centre, 9055 Airport Rd, Conroe, Texas. The location being the third-largest convention, expo, and fairgrounds complex in the greater Houston Area, it is also well known for it being the host for the Montgomery County Fairs.

The Great American Franchise Expo aims at giving a platform to its patrons to experience the essence of franchising. The event had multiple free seminars to start with. The attendees were a part of the seminars given by eminent personnel from the industry. The speakers presented various aspects of franchising right from How to choose the right franchise for you, How to Franchise Your Business, and How to Capitalize on two of the largest growth Markets. The event also featured a few seminars that were added to the agenda with the intention of educating the business owners about Employee Retention Credits and South Asian Entrepreneurship in the US.

For both days of the franchise trade show, Joe Fox from the Franchise Consulting Company presented Franchising 101-How to find the right franchise for you. Joe is a proven executive with expertise in leading quality improvement and growth in acquired companies, start-ups, and turnaround situations in multi-site businesses. The seminar was informative and gave valuable insights to franchise beginners. 

Steve Phelps, CFE from Franchise Genesis discussed How to franchise a business. With thirty years of experience in Sales and Business Development and sixteen years specializing in franchise development, Steve’s seminar was well received by the attendees.

In addition to the above, the attendees were also educated on the capitalization of two of the largest growth markets by Ed Bounds. Ed is the Chief Executive Officer of Superior HBC, a technology and service company. 

The attractions in the seminar were Employee Retention Credit presented by Justin Tally and franchising available for South Asian and Latino Entrepreneurs presented separately by Kapil Manocha and Barbara Andrievk-Ruiz, respectively.

In his presentation, Kapil Manocha, an industry veteran and founder of the South Asian Franchise Council spoke bridged the phenomenal US franchising industry and the tremendously entrepreneurial South Asian Community. Barbara, on the other hand, a bilingual communications specialist, with a background in international business and non-profit management, put light on the opportunities in franchising and programs available to the Latino community.

In another seminar presented by Patrick Sanchez, director of Franchise Development in the Franchise Fast Lane enlightened the attendees on how to fuel the growth of a franchise. Rudy Frederico, an industry leader in both the franchising and coaching industries, highlighted the future of franchising and made the attendees aware of the pitfalls of buying a franchise

The two-day event was a grand success. The sponsors of the Franchise Trade Show were Boston Private, Benetrends Financial, Meineke, Firenza Pizza, Floor Coverings International, and MOAA.

To know more about the Great American Expos, Visit here: TGAFE_2022_Media Kit 1 (cdn-website.com)

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