Leon Church Wins 2024 Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year Award

Leon Church Wins 2024 Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year Award
Leon Church Wins 2024 Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year Award

Leon Church, a caregiver at Right at Home Northwest Washington, has been recognized as the company’s 2024 National Caregiver of the Year. This prestigious award honors caregivers who consistently go above and beyond to deliver exceptional care to their clients.

Standing out among over 24,000 caregivers in the Right at Home network, Leon is known for his ability to personalize care plans that address the specific physical, social, and emotional needs of each client. One example is a client with cerebral palsy who relies on Leon’s assistance for daily activities. Despite his limitations, the client maintains an active lifestyle, attending meetings, conferences, church services, and sporting events.

“Leon truly took the time to get to know our son,” shared the client’s father. “He respects his thoughts, ideas, and wishes, and always encourages him to be his own advocate.”

Leon ensured the client’s continued participation in these activities by creating extraordinary experiences. He accompanied the client to a three-day conference, providing necessary care and support while fostering a sense of independence and freedom. Leon even dedicated his personal time to organize and attend Seattle Kraken and Mariners games, events located hours away. By keeping the client active and engaged, Leon empowers him to live life to the fullest.

“Leon’s exceptional empathy allows him to understand the social and emotional well-being of his clients,” said Steve Morris, owner of Right at Home Northwest Washington. “He consistently goes the extra mile to improve their quality of life and happiness.”

Leon’s ability to adapt his approach to each client’s unique needs is another key strength. For instance, with a client experiencing dementia, Leon skillfully adjusted the care plan to accommodate both good and bad days. He struck a perfect balance between ensuring safety and granting the client a degree of autonomy. During walks outside, Leon would let the client set the pace and choose the destination, fostering a sense of accomplishment and control over their environment.

“We are incredibly proud of Leon,” Steve remarked. “This recognition is well-deserved, and we’re fortunate to have him as part of the Right at Home team.”

Leon’s dedication to providing exceptional, personalized care while respecting his clients’ cognitive abilities has earned him the trust of both clients and their families. This commitment is what makes him the 2024 Right at Home National Caregiver of the Year.

“I’m honored to congratulate Leon Church on this achievement,” said Margaret Haynes, President and CEO of Right at Home. “This award acknowledges caregivers who provide outstanding care every day. Leon embodies the spirit of this award, and we’re grateful to have him on our team.”

Right at Home also recognized eight regional caregivers for their outstanding service. The 2024 Right at Home Regional Caregivers of the Year are:

  • West Region: Ellen Butterbaugh (Oro Valley, Arizona)
  • East Central Region: Delvon Denson (Bluffton, South Carolina)
  • Northeast Region: Panagiota Plamantouras (Linwood, New Jersey)
  • Mid-Atlantic Region: Danielle Fuller (Virginia Beach, Virginia)
  • Southwest Region: Aron Chaparro (Rockwall, Texas)
  • Southeast Region: Gloriose Ntibarikure (Alpharetta, Georgia)
  • Northwest Central Region: Ashleigh Ekstrom (Seattle, Washington)
  • Midwest Region: Julie Collins (West Des Moines, Iowa)

Right at Home caregivers are nominated for this award based on their unwavering commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of their clients and colleagues. A committee comprised of Right at Home representatives and healthcare professionals from external organizations selects the winners. The awards are presented annually during the company’s conference.

Right at Home, established in 1995, provides in-home care for seniors and disabled adults seeking independent living. The majority of Right at Home offices are independently owned and operated, directly employing and supervising all caregivers. Each caregiver undergoes a thorough screening, training, and bonding/insurance process before entering a client’s home. Right at Home’s global headquarters reside in Omaha, Nebraska, with over 700 franchised locations across the U.S. and five other countries.

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