Mongolian Concepts to be Acquired by Craveworthy Brands

Mongolian Concepts to be Acquired by Craveworthy Brands
Mongolian Concepts to be Acquired by Craveworthy Brands

The acquisition of Mongolian Concepts by Craveworthy Brands was announced today. After a brief interim period, the transaction is anticipated to finalize. Gregg Majewski, the CEO of Mongolian Concepts and the founder of Craveworthy Brands, oversaw the purchase of the business from Mongolian Concepts’ former owners.

Craveworthy Brands integrates Genghis Grill, BD’s Mongolian Grill, and Flat Top Grill into its platform business through the acquisition. The Mongolian Concepts umbrella will be eliminated as the three brands and their corporate-owned and franchised outlets are merged into the Craveworthy Brands ecosystem. There won’t be any employment cuts; instead, job growth, brand acquisition, concept development, and franchise expansion are envisaged.

The outcome of the acquisition:

The agreement represents Craveworthy’s third significant purchase since the company’s founding in late-2022. Wing It On! and The Budlong Hot Chicken are previous purchases. Additionally, Krafted Burger Bar + Tap and the Lucky Cat Poke Company were both developed by Craveworthy. All are built on the Craveworthy Brands pillars, which offer the financial stability necessary for scaling so that brands may benefit from the operational expertise, management, infrastructure, human resources, marketing, site selection, and purchasing knowledge of their equity firm.

Gregg Majewski, the former CEO of Jimmy Johns, created Craveworthy Brands in 2022 with the support of a team with extensive restaurant expertise. The Craveworthy portfolio debuted with 4 distinctive, adaptable, and extremely engaging brands, and we’re constantly looking for more ideas to develop.

They partner with new and emerging or mid-level brands that round out our portfolio and give the franchisees more options to grow in their existing territories.

The brand  includes Ghenghis Grill- stir-fried bowls, BD’s Mongolian Grill, Flat Top Grill, and the emerging brands include WingIt ON!, The Budlong Hot Chicken, Krafted Burger Bar+Tap, Lucky cat poke company.

Franchising with Craveworthy Brands:
They have vast uncharted territory, which implies there is tremendous room for expansion and room for growth. Franchisees can significantly reduce the cost of goods and services by taking advantage of the volume and purchasing
power of many different brands.
From marketing advice to specialized supplier and purchasing programs, restaurant-level management, product innovation, feedback, and support, they provide it all.

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