New Season with Refreshed Guilt-free Favourites at Clean Eatz

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Wellness-inspired restaurant concept at Clean Eatz is coming up with a refreshed menu, embracing the new season. The new menu features concentrate on cleaner versions of some comfort food staples, packed with chef’s specials, and dietician-approved nutrients at only a regulated fraction of calories.

The fall menu comprises whole-grain Mac’N’Cheeze, accompanied by its signature Pretzel Bites, paired with low-sodium Queso. Clean Eatz is adapting the once-famous TikTok trend of  “Wrap Hacks” with three new Meltz, Chicken Parmesan, Epic Chicken, and queso Steak. There are also strong chances of introduction to a healthier take on the Sunday dinner specials of classic steak and potatoes,  the Meat & Taterz Wrap. This also gave the brand a new creation of its Chickpea Wrap, abiding by the mission of providing nutrient-packed clean food.

The brand is introducing eight new, low-calorie, health-conscious smoothie flavors for any kind of craving. These flavors are Orange Pushup, Chocolate Covered Strawberry, and Mudslide Mocha, among others.

“The Clean Eatz lifestyle is as diverse, flavorful, and ever-changing as they come. It’s why an entire movement has sparked up around the brand, which we call ‘Clean Eatz Nation’,” said Evonne Varady, Co-Founder of Clean Eats. “In contrast to competing notions, clean eating is anything but bland and uninspired, and brand enthusiasts new and old will have the chance to taste that for themselves when they enjoy some of our team’s freshly curated creations.”

Clean Eatz also offers a weekly rotating meal delivery menu, for families returning to their busy lifestyles with kids, this fall. They have devised fully cooked microwavable meals for fitness enthusiasts and families on the go. The focus is to keep the meals’ calorie count under 600 calories, control portion size, and a healthy balance of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in every meal.

About Clean Eatz:

Clean Eatz, which launched in 2011 and started franchising in 2015, was co-founded by husband-and-wife duo Don and Evonne Varady. They are heart-driven to Change Livez through clean, balanced food, thought-provoking education, and motivational support that inspires results. The brand gives priority to wellness is not one-size-fits-all, so we craft nutritional products and fitness opportunities that meet the needs of every type of lifestyle.

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