Painting with a Twist and Dogtopia Collaborate Once Again for ‘Paint Your Pet’ Events Benefitting Service Dogs for Veterans

Painting with a Twist and Dogtopia Collaborate Once Again for ‘Paint Your Pet’ Events Benefitting Service Dogs for Veterans
Painting with a Twist and Dogtopia Collaborate Once Again for ‘Paint Your Pet’ Events Benefitting Service Dogs for Veterans

In a heartwarming alliance that echoes the power of compassion and creativity, Painting with a Twist and Dogtopia have joined forces for the second consecutive year to champion a noble cause. These two distinct franchise brands, known for their commitment to community and service, are on a mission to raise both funds and awareness for the Dogtopia Foundation, an organization dedicated to training service dogs for veterans. Throughout the months of August and September, a series of ‘Paint Your Pet’ events will be hosted across Painting with a Twist – studios nationwide, with a resolute promise: 50 percent of the proceeds from these events will contribute to the Foundation’s inspiring endeavors.

The collaborative effort between Painting with a Twist and Dogtopia last year bore fruit, raising nearly $30,000 to support the training of service dogs, a cause close to the hearts of many. This year’s campaign aspires to create an even more profound impact, propelling positive change for both returning veterans and their loyal companions.

The essence of ‘Paint Your Pet’ events lies in their unique blend of creativity and compassion. Participants have the opportunity to immortalize their beloved pets on canvas, capturing their spirit through artistry. Ahead of the event, guests provide a photo of their pet, which an artist meticulously sketches onto canvas. During the event itself, an artist-entertainer guides attendees through the step-by-step process of bringing their pet’s portrait to life, resulting in a cherished and personalized masterpiece to adorn their homes.

Cathy Deano, the Founder of Painting with a Twist, affirms the heartwarming nature of these events: “Our guests always love our unique Paint Your Pet events at our studios, and this year, there’s an even better reason to get involved. The finished product is incredibly adorable and for a terrific cause.”

Aligned with the mission to foster positive change in communities, the partnership aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Painting with a Twist. The Painting with a Purpose Foundation, an integral part of the brand, exemplifies this dedication by organizing monthly painting events across franchise locations. Half of the proceeds from these events are channeled towards local charities, thus creating a cyclical wave of goodwill. To date, the foundation has contributed over $7 million to various causes.

Dogtopia’s involvement in this partnership is a testament to its commitment to transforming lives through the power of dogs. The Dogtopia Foundation, established as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2017, has made significant strides in sponsoring the training of service dogs. With the backing of Dogtopia’s extensive franchise network of over 240 dog daycares, the foundation has facilitated the sponsorship of over 360 service dogs. Notably, the organization extends its reach beyond veterans, encompassing programs that introduce therapy dogs to students and support employment initiatives for adults with autism.

Liz Meyers, the Executive Director of the Dogtopia Foundation, expresses enthusiasm for the partnership’s renewal: “We are excited to launch this partnership again with Painting with a Twist to give dog lovers across the country a chance to paint their own pets while giving back to such an important cause. Last year’s events with Painting with a Twist and Dogtopia were a lot of fun and made an incredible impact.”

Dogtopia, an early pioneer in the dog daycare industry, prioritizes wellness, quality care, safety, and transparency. The brand’s commitment to the holistic well-being of dogs aligns seamlessly with the Foundation’s objectives. It offers a range of services aimed at enhancing the physical and mental health of dogs while ensuring their safety and comfort.

The ‘Paint Your Pet’ events resonate beyond the strokes of a paintbrush or the wagging tails of our furry friends. They echo a harmonious symphony of goodwill, where art, community, and service unite to make the world a better place. Through the collaborative efforts of Painting with a Twist and Dogtopia, the canvas of compassion continues to evolve, one stroke at a time.

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