Scooter’s Coffee Hits New Locations In The Past Months

Scooter's Coffee at the Dawn of Growth Phase, Hits New Locations in the past month.
Scooter's Coffee at the Dawn of Growth Phase, Hits New Locations in the past month.

Scooter’s Coffee, with its achieved target of 600 stores in 28 states, the brand looks forward to unparalleled growth in the years ahead. Viewing just the hit new locations in the month of November, the brand has done exceptionally well.

The most recent location of Scooter’s Coffee is situated in Pampa, Texas, and Mankato, Minnesota. Looking into the locations reached specifically in November says a lot about the strategic growth phase the brand is in. The locations already reached include Bethalto in Illinois, Mt.Pleasant and Sheboygan in Wisconsin, Cleveland and Nashville in Tennesse, Orlando in Florida, Austin, Princeton, Isanti, Zimmerman, and Mankato in Minnesota,  Spring, Cleburne, Whitehouse, Jersey Village and Pampa in Texas, Scott City, Maize, Topeka, and Winfield in Kansas, Jefferson City, and Columbia in Missouri, Pueblo West in California, and multiple locations in the states of Iowa, Georgia, Kentucky, and Alabama.

Along with the new franchisees, the brand is popular among the existing franchisees who have associated with the brand with their multi-unit operations. Furthermore, with the grand expansion, Scooter’s Coffee also welcomed Luc Langevin as the Vice President of Development in the recent past.

The ever-expanding coffee industry in the US is expected to reach over $144 Billion, in the next couple of years. The demand for coffee being replenished by the growth in the number of coffee shops in the US has given a statistical growth of 2.5% in the number of coffee shops. So the frantically high numbers substantiate the fact that Scooter’s coffee has benefitted from the situation as well.

Scooter’s Coffee franchise is known for its drive-thru fast-serving coffee and freshly baked pastries to go with the coffee. The brand has been serving coffee to Americans for more than two decades.  Although seems unachievable, Scooter’s Coffee has made it remarkably well in the franchise industry sticking to the brand’s commitment to serving consumers in every state of the US.

With over two decades in the business, Scooter’s Coffee also serves its consumers who would prefer the comfort of their homes with its merchandise coffee- Signature roasts. These Signature roasts include – Signature Blend, Breakfast Blend, Scooter’s Blend, Espresso, Columbia, Ethiopia, 12oz pack priced at $12.99. The collection includes merchandise of coffee roasts and coffee accessories like Drinkware and single-serve cups. The merchandise also offers various coffee options such as At-Home coffee, on-the-go coffee (instant coffee), flavored coffees, and a variety of gifting options.

About Scooter’s Coffee:

Scooter’s Coffee was founded in Bellevue, Nebraska by Don and Linda Eckles. Currently headquartered in Omaha, Nebraska, Scooter’s Coffee is dedicated to the finest quality of beans and hence the best quality coffee. Famous for its fast-serving drive-thrus, the brand has made exceptionally large expansion plans and stood by its commitments in its two decades of competing in the franchise industry. The brand’s strategic growth plans welcome new franchisees and existing franchises to franchise with Scooter’s Coffee.

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