The Crunch Group to Launch New Proprietary Groups of Fitness Classes

The Crunch Group to Launch New Proprietary Groups of Fitness Classes
The Crunch Group to Launch New Proprietary Groups of Fitness Classes

Crunch Group, a top-rated fitness brand, announced plans for expansion in Q1 and through 2023. The brand is looking forward to opening 12 new proprietary groups of fitness classes. This would feature programs exclusively available to existing Crunch members and new members. These programs include four boxing formats and a new HIITZone workout. This also involves core strength training and a roster of 80+ existing group fitness offerings already available to members. 

The Crunch Group Fitness classes launching in 2023 would include innovative programs: Ground Level, Push the Perimeter, BattleHIIT Out, Barbell Bound, and various Boxing formats such as 12-round TKO, Fight Camp, Heavy Hitter, and Round It Out.

Ground Level is an interval class emphasizing bodyweight strength and core training. The strength drills are inspired by animal movement patterns with crushing core exercises to define, shape, and sculpt the body in 30 minutes. This program is designed to push the trainees’ to their limits, challenging their minds and body.

Push the Perimeters is a combination class featuring superset strength training alternated with fast and furious drills around the studio’s perimeter. The sequence is well-thought and put together to push the participants to work for as many reps as possible in a thirty-minute workout regime. This involves utilizing barbells, dumbbells, slam balls, and kettlebells to focus on work speed, agility, and quickness using the perimeter of the room as four distinct lanes. The regime exclusively challenges the participants’ strength and stamina.

Among the many innovative regimes brought about by the Crunch group, BattleHIIT Out is the ultimate HIIT battleground. Here the participants work in teams of two to perform maximum reps at each station. 

Another amazing sequence called Barbell Bound combines two types of strength training- lifting barbell sets and burnout sets. 

While the brand also has something for Boxing workout enthusiasts, it has carved out four intense Boxing Formats. 12-Round TKO is a Tabata-based workout to develop power, speed, footwork, and agility with the four dedicated 12-round blocks of work. If a participant wants to train like a professional in a ring, Crunch has it all in its Fight Camp program. Here the participants are trained in the ring starting with honing their boxing skills and sharpening their minds. 

Participants also get yet another boxing format that is structured to build endurance, stability, and strength. This workout uses a variety of resistance training styles and intervals on and off the heavy bag. This is called the Heavy Hitter, designed to hit the upper and lower body strength. 

The programs are to be made available at select Crunch locations.

Jen Renfroe, Senior Vice President of the Group of Fitness at Crunch has shown excitement about the launch of the new bundle of offerings that the brand has in its bag for the year 2023.

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Crunch is known for its solid track record with 400+ open locations and 1200+ franchise locations in the pipeline. Being in the list of low-investment franchises, Crunch has made it to the Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500 Fastest Growing Franchise and Top Global Franchise 2022.

Crunch also offers the possibility of owning a  Crunch franchise. 


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