How to Best Use Customer Feedback in Franchise Business

How to Best Use Customer Feedback in Franchise Business
How to Best Use Customer Feedback in Franchise Business

With the market being compliant enough to provide the customers with what they require, it has created a competitive advantage for various scales of businesses. Since customers are the profit source for any business, they need to be heard. As a  business owner, you would want to know what you are doing right and what your customers want you to brush up on. Customer feedback is a great way to get around the customers’ needs and expectations.

Customer Feedback is an assimilation of information, insights, and inputs shared by the local community in reference to their experience with the company and/or its products and services. This, negative or positive, acts as a guiding manual to right the wrongs and pull the horse in the right direction. Although often customers do not show interest in participating in any form of direct surveys pertaining to feedback, the new age marketing strategies suggest many less annoying ways to get genuine feedback. 

Here are the top ways to use Customer Feedback in Franchise Business:

  1. Make your business a ‘Community Brand’

Feedbacks indicate that the brand, company, or owner is passionate about their product or service and they care to deliver their best to the customer. The customers should receive worth what they have paid for. Asking for feedback creates a sense of involvement among the customers and that in turn generates loyalty towards the brand. This, in the long run,  yields profits and a brand image that the company bears.

     2. Customer Feedback as a Communication tool

A franchise owner should never miss an opportunity to communicate with the customers directly. Feedback can be taken in direct forms or physical forms. While in the direct form, feedback offers a platform where the customer can place their concern and expect it to be resolved. Often direct feedback results in positive results which is a sign of a good business. Moreover, customer feedback when used as a communication tool can improve the customer experience in all new realms.

      3. Review the Positives, Resolve the Negatives

Franchise businesses come across thousands of customers in a single day. Keeping track of all of their feedback becomes overwhelming at times. A genius way to make sure you don’t miss single feedback is to review the positive feedback and quickly work on the negative feedback. Positive feedbacks are good for the business. They are catalysts and act as confidence boosters for everybody involved in the business. This positive feedback needs to be revisited so as to keep the flow of the right things in the right place.

Negative feedback on the other hand need speculations and a proper procedure to follow. When not prepared to handle negative feedback, things might go sideways.

  • Assess the situation, and prepare the best possible solution to offer.
  • Contact the customer.
  • Suggest the solution and give an estimated time of action.
  • Mention when you would contact them again.
  • If there are any complex developments, offer compensation.

Customer feedback can be put to great use and advantage the franchise’s growth. After all, customers bring business.


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