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Technological advances can be boon to a complex business set up like Franchise. Learn how to improve franchise sales with technology.

Looking at the franchises today, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that technology is pacing through the tough times and penetrating well into the system. Decades ago, when franchising was conceptualized, businessmen used to manage various tedious tasks manually. Cash registers, accounting, auditing, inventories, and even the progress of each location of a business, every possible aspect was efficiently handled by manual methods. The intervention of technology and its never-ending expansion has rooted in enterprises irrespective of the size of the business, small and major industries. Especially, unprecedented events such as the pandemic caused a revolution in all forms of business approaches and management. One of the most important improvements is with sales. To increase franchise sales with technology, has become quite a piece of cake.

Here are Simple ways to Improve Franchise Sales with Technology:

  • Keeping in Touch

If one single click can connect members of a family, imagine the impact it can have on a community. Technology makes this possible. Various tools have been developed to do a job without any error and keep every single entity connected. These technological tools have helped so many businesses to set up, grow and expand. Platforms like Google workspace, Microsoft Teams, etc enable reaching out to people easier and simpler. It leverages businesses to keep an eagle’s eye on every operation happening within the business and its affinity. In terms of franchise business, it helps keep franchisees and franchisors updated and on a single page. Planning and execution of strategies are made approachable through these techie tools. They have made an impeccable impression on business operations. What decades ago businessmen used instincts for, now they use sophisticated tools to measure people’s liking towards a product, conduct a survey and improvise long-term and short-term business approaches.

  • Promotions

Social media platforms have proven to be the best way to promote a business. It could be Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook, or more professional platforms like LinkedIn, Google Business, etc. Technology has made consumers aware of brands that they might not have come across in a very long time. As mentioned earlier, technology makes it easier to remain connected with people in the outside world. It makes franchise businesses keep up with the pace of the world.

  • Training and Team Building

Training employee is a continuous process. With every quarter, the level of sophistication in various tools used to run a business is just getting an upgrade Just like a system update in your smartphone, the whole business system needs an update in order to create a technology-driven environment and results. This gives the employee a scope to learn and upskill, making the whole system fall in alignment with the update and perform better. These tools can be used in Employee relations, customer relations, sales, and marketing and they can go limitless, with humongous results.

  • Customer and Candidate Relation Management

Staying connected is the motive and technology has already made it possible. With every new invention, technology is only getting improvised and more refined. For a franchise business, having a symbiotic relationship with the candidate pays its worth. Taking care of the franchisees, would yield better results in sales and might as well, improve the profit margin of the business.

  • AI and Automation

There is software now that tracks inventory levels for the franchisees. This is often carried from a Bluetooth device and automatically files reorders for franchise owners. the huge amount of data and stats available gives franchise owners accurate intel on customer spending patterns and uses algorithms to automatically forecast the most likely next purchase of the consumers. This helps franchise businesses to execute plans and strategies to maximize profits.

Digital payments, Applications supporting delivery, order taking, and various other easing inventions have facilitated easy additional sales to franchise businesses without burdening the business. Even better, places like drive-thru have voice processing technology that helps customers to place their orders before reaching the dispatch counter. This saves time, and space and promotes sales.

With so many varied and advanced forms of technology available, it’s the franchises who need to carefully weigh the most cost-effective solutions suitable to their brands.

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