3 Responsible Fast-Food Franchises to Go Green on Net Zero Goals

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Three fast-food franchises are testing sustainable packaging to decrease trash. As per a recent Wall Street Journal article, McDonald’s Corp., Burger King, and Canada’s Tim Hortons will launch the project with Loop, a TerraCycle Inc. program that will collect, clean, and redistribute the goods. This year will be the start of their new initiative. In 2019, TerraCycle launched the Loop program, partnering with big, well-known companies like Proctor & Gamble and Nestlé as initial partners.

Burgers will be served in reusable containers, and drinks will be served in reusable cups at selected Burger King outlets in New York City and Tokyo. People will have to pay a refundable packing fee. They’ll scan the box in the Loop app and return it to a collection center (Burger King and other locations), according to The Journal. In Toronto, Tim Hortons will introduce comparable reusable packaging. The deposit’s amount has not been revealed yet.

McDonald’s is the first one to try out the concept. According to The Journal, it started selling reusable coffee cups to visitors in the Midlands area of the United Kingdom in July. Plastic toys will be phased out of Happy Meals globally by the end of 2025, according to the company’s announcement on Sept. 21. Alternatively, it will sell toys manufactured from recyclable, biodegradable, and plant-based materials. The fast-food franchise is also looking at whether it can make its serving plates and playground equipment out of recycled plastic toys. 

According to internet sources, McDonald’s sells 1 billion kid’s meals annually. Compared to 2018, this sustainable initiative will reduce the amount of virgin plastic used by 90 percent per year. This decrease equates to over 650,000 individuals not using plastics at all every year, according to the company. According to Nation’s Restaurant News, McDonald’s management intends to make the recyclable toys cost-neutral for franchisees.

A TerraCycle representative highlighted that using a reusable cup that is heavier than disposable cups has perks. It protects the drink and prevents the top from popping off if you push on the cup’s side, according to The Journal. He also mentioned that Burger King’s reusable sandwich box makes it simple to store leftovers neatly. Reusable boxes are only one aspect of fast-food franchises’ efforts to be environmentally aware global citizens. To counteract global warming and climate change, many people recycle, compost, minimize construction waste, and substitute single-use plastic goods.