The Saxton Group Signs a Franchise Deal to Open Jaggers Outlets

The Saxton Group
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The Saxton Group wouldn’t want to invest in just any business, let alone one still in its development with only three sites. Unless it was backed by a major corporation, which is precisely what Jaggers’ fast-casual idea from Texas Roadhouse is.

The Saxton Group, located in Dallas and one of the biggest McAlister’s Deli franchisees with 85 stores across six states, has announced a 10-unit franchise development agreement to establish Jaggers outlets in the east and central Texas, the Tulsa, Oklahoma, territory. Jaggers, which debuted in 2014 and already has placed near the Texas Roadhouse headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky, and Greenwood and Noblesville, Indiana, serves burgers, chicken tenders, salads, and shakes.

The Saxton Group Co-CEO, Matt Saxton, explained, “We weren’t necessarily targeting a certain sort of cuisine.” “However, burgers, chicken, fries, and shakes are fairly easily replicated in other markets.” For The Saxton Group, performance management reflects into one critical area: speed. The usual drive-thru time of 30 to 35 seconds is “a significant difference with Jaggers,” said Saxton.

He observed that the group’s McAlister’s outlets have a typical ticket time of four to five minutes, compared to seven to nine minutes compared to the rest of the network. The same would be done with the group’s Jaggers eateries. Each of the outlets will have a drive-thru as part of their 3,000-square-foot infrastructure.

According to Saxton, the Saxton Group plans to add its operational expertise to the business. The Texas Roadhouse executive team has signaled that it would seek advice and include the group in decision-making. The firm owns most of Texas Roadhouse’s 617 local sites, while 30 foreign outlets are franchised. Hugh Carroll, the company’s head of worldwide development, will be in charge of Jaggers’ domestic franchising.

In a recent comment, Texas Roadhouse CEO Jerry Morgan said that the brand is looking forward to working with The Saxton Group, with extensive industry expertise and 35 years of hands-on operating experience.

Kelly Saxton established The Saxton Group in 1982 as a Mazzio’s Pizza franchisee; however, he later joined the McAlister’s Deli system in 1999, right before selling the pizza business. Kelly Saxton has been promoted to executive chairman, and his sons Matt and Adam have been named co-CEOs. The Saxton Group is ranked No. 80 on the Franchise Times Restaurant 200, a list of the US’s largest restaurant franchisees.