Flat Top Grill: Celebrates New Year Zings with Limited-time Menu

Flat Top Grill Celebrates New Year Zings with Limited-time Menu
Flat Top Grill Celebrates New Year Zings with Limited-time Menu

As merrier it gets, the first month of the new year marks a great time to come up with a refreshing new menu and menu items to attract the best of customers. Flat Top Grill did something similar on that line. With a refreshing new menu, the restaurant has gone rogue with Limited-time Bowls and Menu starting from January 12th, 2023. This will last till March 19.

To emphasize, these new bowls include a plant-based meat bowl, that is satisfying and a must to have hands-on. Featuring the bowls is dedicated to the concept of helping the customers be vigilant and encouraging them to keep on track with their dietary new year’s resolutions. Smart! Isn’t it? The restaurant vows to help its customers with a little something using ingredients like plant-based protein.

Nevertheless, the restaurant also acknowledges the cheat days. This is ‘marked’ by the introduction of the new Maker’s Mark. This bourbon-based cocktail is also followed by a new dessert and a new creamy appetizer to indulge in.

Gregg Majewski, the Chief Executive Officer withstands the fact that the restaurant has always tried to expand the options provided to the customers. Furthermore, their fresh ingredients, high-quality proteins, and chef-curated bowls are setting a bright example supporting his statement.

He also adds,” The Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Bowl is a great addition to our menu, offering guests a different flavor profile to broaden out an appeal to the new guests, and give those looking for meat-based protein alternatives a delicious new option.

With the rise in the acceptance of veganism, the strategy is definitely a game changer.

The limited-time options that are up on the menu include:

  • Dr. Praeger’s Veggie Bowl. This includes steamed white rice, Dr. Prager’sTM vegan Chick’n, fresh garlic, water chestnuts, red and green bell peppers, baby corn, and a distinctive FTG spice mix.
  • Creamy Crab Rangoon Dip – Creamy whipped cheese, the crab that has been shredded, green onions, grilled roti bread, and sweet and sour.
  • Golden Hour Sour is a drink made from the ‘Maker’s Mark, turmeric for the added goodness, and zingy ginger syrup with a dash of fresh lemon sour.

More about Flat Top Grill Restaurant:

Flat Top Grill is an upscale Asian-inspired restaurant.  In September 1995, Flat Top Grill launched its first site on Chicago’s north side, drawing inspiration from the open-air fresh market grills of Asia.

Carefully chosen and fresh ingredients, and a unique interactive experience offered by the restaurant, It has grown to become a popular site for foodies in the US.

Guests are encouraged to Eat Adventurously at Flat Top. By selecting the freshest hand-cut vegetables, daring scratch-made sauces, premium meats & seafood, and signature spices customers choose their muse. Alternatively, visitors can order chef-composed bowls, Poke, or Ramen directly from the table or online. The mixologists prepare distinctive cocktails at the bar using unusual ingredients, to To provide a dining experience that is unmatched. Five locations owned and run by Flat Top Grill are located in Indiana and the Chicago metropolitan area.


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