Franchising for Heroes Inc. Expands Franchise Opportunities Nationwide

Franchising for Heroes Inc.
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Franchising for Heroes Inc. is a newly formed organization launched to assist servicemen and women in obtaining jobs and breaking into the world of company ownership through franchising. The organization is led by veterans and former first responders passionate about assisting heroes in their search for their next calling. It offers several programs to assist veterans and current and former first responders in establishing successful franchises.

Martin Parker, managing director of strategic projects and special initiatives at Pivotal Growth Partners and a former police officer, founded Franchising for Heroes. Martin realized his vision by partnering with Chris Harvey, a decorated Navy veteran and franchise owner, Charles Rankin, a franchise owner, Air Force veteran, and former FBI agent, Woody Furnas, a former police commander and franchise owner, and Jen Furnas, a former paramedic and firefighter and franchise owner. The team set out to build programs to allow first responders and veterans to grow, learn, and prosper in their Second Act of Service and register the company as a non-profit.

According to Martin Parker, enterprises and businesses, large and small, are having an extraordinarily difficult time retaining and hiring personnel over the last year and a half. Due to widespread social upheaval, they have recognized that first responders seek employment opportunities outside of public service. Veterans and first responders desire employment. FFH wishes to contribute to the creation of employment opportunities and a route to ownership within franchising.

Franchising for Heroes Inc got Heroes to Jobs Program to assist veterans and first responders in securing employment as a shift lead, assistant manager, or manager with a franchise brand. Additionally, this program establishes a road for veterans and first responders to become operational partners within the franchises in which they are placed, with the ultimate goal of establishing a path to franchise ownership.

Additionally, Franchising for Heroes offers a Heroes to Owners Program that assists veterans who already qualify for franchise ownership. Investment in Franchising for Heroes Inc., FFH’s third program, allows non-service members to collaborate with a hero to become franchise owners or invest in a hero as an operational partner. Charles Rankin, a co-creator of FFH and a former FBI special agent, wanted to do something that would allow him to continue serving but on his terms. He thinks that the opportunity to discuss what’s ahead with fellow veterans in the military and law enforcement is an honor.

Franchising for Heroes is actively seeking partnerships with brands who appreciate our Heroes’ service and wish to reciprocate by employing and providing ownership possibilities for our servicemen and women.