CEO Matt Friedman of Franchise Founders on Entrepreneurship

CEO Matt Friedman of Franchise Founders

According to the CEO of Mainland, Nick Powills, “Matt’s entrepreneurial spirit has helped him navigate every type of challenge he faced as the leader of a international brand. Matt is willing to share his successes—and challenges—with others to help them be better in their business.”

So, who is Matt or Matt Friedman? Matt Friedman is the CEO at Franchise Founders based in Miami, Florida, United States.  Matt Friedman was named the CEO of Franchise Founders on October 27, 2021. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Wing Zone that he founded in his fraternity house kitchen in 1993 and grew into a global franchise.

If there is a monetary backup, a Franchise business is an easy way out of eliminating a lot of startup hassles, including a vast amount of energy. But Matt Friedman epitomizes a different level of energy when you read up his growth curve. And this energy that he brings to the table is what he channels as the CEO of Franchise Founders that consults new franchise buyers and/or co-invests with franchise buyers.

According to media reports, Matt Friedman has been an entrepreneur for 28 years, growing a franchise business for the past 20 years. With this, Friedman is equipped to judge what mistakes not to make, the right selection process for franchisees, how to put on your team, and grow strategically. Friedman believes that it’s about utilizing both your good and bad judgments and ensuring that you use your excellent decisions moving ahead with new franchise companies.

Friedman’s entrepreneurial journey began in 1993 with a college friend pulling in $500 to start with serving authentic Buffalo-style wings to hungry University of Florida students. They launched their first Wing Zone location a year later, only steps from campus. Friedman built the Wing Zone business to more than 150 sites in the United States and six other countries as CEO over the next 25 years.

The Franchise Founders’ Board of Directors approached Friedman, impressed by his strategic planning, marketing, and franchise development skills and leadership. They wanted a dynamic leader with a proven track record to shape the company’s future. The power matching happened, and he accepted the offer to embark on a new journey to empower young franchise buyers.

At Franchise Founders, small business owners grow through franchising with comprehensive support, capital, subject matter expertise and access to a team of people who genuinely care about creating strategic and responsible franchise growth. Franchise Founders invests their capital into each franchise company to be equity owners in each business moving forward, says Friedman. 

If you are a young entrepreneur who would like to co-own a franchise or need a roadmap for success, CEO Matt Friedman of Franchise Founders is your trusted advisor. You would probably have the best information regarding when to add the right people and how many units you need to have before adding those key people.