President Red Boswell of IFPG on Changing Lives & Community Impact

President Red Boswell of IFPG

If you are a franchisor or franchisee in the U.S., you will likely know President Red Boswell of IFPG (International Franchise Professionals Group). President Red Boswell of IFPG is a known figure and influencer in the franchisor community helping top-notch franchisors win great franchise partnerships. Here’s is how Boswell is changing the lives of franchise consultants and impacting communities!

Red Boswell has over 25 years of executive leadership in franchising, marketing, and entrepreneurship. As the President of IFPG, he is responsible for increasing membership and establishing and monitoring interesting new programs to assist IFPG members. Boswell is in charge of all of this. Additionally, Boswell also heads IFPG’s Plano, Texas office.

Recently, Boswell shared an account of 625 franchise consultants on his Linkedin account. These consultants are the members of IFPG who are helping change lives, grow team size and impact communities. He revealed in the video that the secret to IFPG growing so fast is their business model that attracts the best franchise consultants.

As the President of IFPG, Red Boswell focuses on recruiting the best franchise consultants. Once they get certified, he then trains them forever for free. He trains the consultants on leadership value that does not compromise with integrity. He ensures that the consultants earn their due commission immediately, right after the deal is done.

A predominant concern for consultants is the way to find leads. In this case, Boswell’s partnership with Career Transition Leads helps consultants sell more franchises and leads become entrepreneurs. At IFPG, under his leadership, Boswell got franchises worth $10,000 to $5M+, guaranteeing everyone the highest commissions.

In big organizations, management is often suffocating, but Boswell puts it out with confidence about his consultants owning their work—there is no micro-management! Boswell adds, “It’s an easy culture. Tons of additional income streams from funding sources to insurance to you name it, CRMs and marketing and PR.” So, there you have a thriving community to keep you on your toes to make it big as an entrepreneur.

As far as training is concerned, Boswell is confident about being the best franchisee consultant trainer. This ensures joining IFPG is not just signing up an agreement but agreeing to get trained so you can scale your business and take charge of your growth as a franchise consultant. In the words of Boswell, “you build it as big as you want.”

It’s a flourishing industry. According to the International Franchise Association (IFA), franchising generated $670 billion of economic value to the U.S. in 2020, or 3% of total nominal GDP (GDP). IFPG Franchise Consultants learn from the industry’s most seasoned professionals with access to hundreds of premier franchise brands.

In 2012, Don Daszkowski established IFPG. As the founder and CEO, Daszkowski recruited Red Boswell as the President in 2019. Today, Daszkowski and Boswell and their excellent staff have grown IFPG a unanimous choice for global franchise seekers. Their use of technology, networking events, and proactive member assistance prepares them as a franchise consulting firm of choice.