Kelli Schroeder: A Prolific Career in Franchise Development and Social Enterprise

Kelli Schroeder
Kelli Schroeder

Kelli Schroeder is a distinguished professional in the franchise development and social enterprise sectors. Her career trajectory is marked by significant accomplishments and leadership roles in various esteemed organizations. With a robust educational background and a wealth of experience, Schroeder has become a key figure in the franchising industry, demonstrating a profound ability to drive business growth and impact social change.

Early Career and Education

Kelli Schroeder began her journey in the world of communication and public relations, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Public Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in Spanish from The University of Alabama. Her initial roles were in public relations, where she honed her skills in relationship building, sales presentations, and crisis communication. Notably, she served as a Public Relations Account Manager at The Zimmerman Agency, managing high-profile clients such as Aruba, Hard Rock International Hotels, and Party City. Her ability to manage million-dollar fiscal budgets and deliver impressive ROI in media results set the stage for her future success.

Transition to Franchise Development

Schroeder’s transition into the franchise development sector began with her role at Brinker International, where she served as a Global Development Manager. In this capacity, she was responsible for expanding Chili’s Grill & Bar’s global footprint, increasing their presence by 20% year over year. Her role involved spearheading sales and new business development strategies, as well as ensuring legal compliance and strategic planning for trademark registration in various international markets.

Her success at Brinker International paved the way for her next role as the VP of International Franchise Development at Jibu, where she was part of the executive leadership team. Here, Schroeder was instrumental in building a new business unit enterprise-wide, the Area Master Franchise model. She successfully vetted and negotiated partnerships in Zimbabwe, Tanzania, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Her responsibilities also included overseeing international legal compliance and co-developing regional supply chain hubs across Africa.

 Leadership Roles and Strategic Growth

Kelli Schroeder’s expertise in franchise development continued to shine as she took on more senior roles. As the Senior Director of International Development at Wingstop Restaurants Inc., she led the company’s international expansion strategy, driving 20% year-over-year growth across Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia Pacific. She played a crucial role in vetting and negotiating partnerships in these regions, further solidifying her reputation as a strategic leader in franchise development.

In 2019, Schroeder founded Schroeder Consulting, LLC, where she focused on scaling for-profit, social impact companies through franchising. Her advisory services were geared towards advancing sustainable development goals in areas such as water, education, low-income housing, agriculture, and micro-entrepreneurship. This role underscored her commitment to leveraging her franchise development expertise for social good.

Recent Endeavors

Schroeder’s recent roles include serving as the VP of Franchise Development at SUCCESS Space and WellBiz Brands, Inc. At SUCCESS Space, she contributed to the development of flexible on-demand cowork rentals and professional business coaching services. Her work at WellBiz Brands, Inc. involves overseeing the growth of several franchise brands, including Amazing Lash Studio®, Drybar®, Elements Massage®, Fitness Together®, and Radiant Waxing™. With over 900 locations, WellBiz Brands, Inc. is a leader in experience-based businesses, and Schroeder’s role is pivotal in driving their continued success.

Skills and Impact

Throughout her career, Kelli Schroeder has demonstrated a remarkable ability to build and nurture relationships, develop strategic growth plans, and lead cross-functional teams. Her skills in market planning, real estate development, sales strategy, and negotiation have been integral to her success. Additionally, her experience in coaching and mentoring has enabled her to develop strong, capable teams that contribute to the overall success of the organizations she has worked with.

Volunteering and Thought Leadership

In addition to her professional achievements, Schroeder is also dedicated to giving back to the community. She is a member of the Lynbrook Chapter of Kiwanis International and has served as a board member for The Last Well, a charity focused on providing safe drinking water for Liberia. Her commitment to social enterprise is further evident through her role as Managing Partner at CARBON Impact Holdings, where she focuses on sustainable development and impact investing.

Kelli Schroeder’s career trajectory is a testament to her dedication, strategic vision, and ability to drive meaningful growth in both the business and social enterprise sectors. Her journey from public relations to becoming a key player in franchise development showcases her versatility and unwavering commitment to making a positive impact through her work.


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