Kimberly Tauch: Navigating Franchise Success with a Blend of Expertise and Passion

Kimberly Tauch
Kimberly Tauch

Kimberly Tauch is more than an experienced sales professional and business owner; she’s a dynamic force in the world of franchising, demonstrating an impressive history of working with founders to cultivate business growth through the franchise model. With a Bachelor of Business Administration (B.B.A.) focused on Marketing & Management from the University of North Florida, Kimberly brings a blend of education, skills, and passion to her multifaceted career.

Professional Journey:

Kimberly’s current role as a Franchise Recruiter at PIRTEK USA showcases her expertise in leading the end-to-end process for new franchise candidates, covering both the USA and Canada markets. Her skills in relationship building and sales conversion shine as she successfully onboards new franchisees, employing strategic techniques to identify and engage potential candidates.

In addition to her role at PIRTEK USA, Kimberly is the Owner Developer at 82 Acres, a self-employed venture based in Anna, Texas. Here, she has established a fruitful partnership with Texas beekeeper Blake Shook of Desert Creek Honey. This partnership involves leasing land for beekeeping operations, maintaining a diverse ecosystem for bee-friendly forage, and fostering community collaboration among local farmers. This initiative reflects Kimberly’s commitment to sustainable practices and community engagement.

Kimberly’s journey also includes a significant period as the Franchise Owner of Nestle Toll House Cafe & Red Mango in Sundance Square, Fort Worth. Over eight years, she thrived as a Franchisee and Brand Ambassador, contributing to the vibrant community by offering delicious treats and healthy indulgences. Her entrepreneurial spirit and passion for two renowned brands left a lasting mark on Sundance Square’s food and beverage scene.

Diverse Skill Set:

Throughout her career, Kimberly has showcased a diverse skill set, including expertise in franchise sales, conversions, territory sales, social media, local store marketing, training, and integrated marketing. Her roles have encompassed everything from attracting leads and delivering persuasive franchise pitches to managing negotiations, overseeing franchisee support, and tracking industry trends for strategic advantage.

Notably, Kimberly’s experience extends beyond a single industry. From her involvement with Nestle Toll House Cafe to roles at Sweet & Sassy Franchising, Apex Leadership Co, Sinelli Concepts International, and Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, she has demonstrated adaptability and success across various sectors.

Leadership and Innovation:

Kimberly’s leadership roles in franchise development and business growth have been marked by innovation. As the Director of Business Development at Nestle Toll House Cafe, she drove growth with potent franchise strategies, boosted revenue through unique avenues, and expanded the network for fresh industry openings. Her ability to identify growth areas and navigate the complexities of franchise acquisitions showcased her strategic mindset.

In her role as the Franchise Development Manager at Which Wich Superior Sandwiches, Kimberly supported seamless franchise transitions and promoted resales with effective marketing strategies. Her hands-on approach to guiding candidates through the sales process and overseeing ownership transfers highlighted her commitment to fostering smooth transitions.

Strategic Marketing Consultant:

Kimberly’s experience as a Marketing Consultant at Dallas Logic Corporation reflects her proficiency in managing, implementing, and tracking social media initiatives. Her role involved creating and distributing press releases, acting as the main point of contact for prospects, and handling routine and year-end accounting tasks.

In essence, Kimberly Tauch emerges as a seasoned professional whose journey weaves through diverse industries, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to entrepreneurship, sustainability, and community collaboration. Her strategic mindset, coupled with a passion for franchise development, has left an indelible mark on every role she’s undertaken.

As a Franchise Recruiter, Owner Developer, and Franchise Owner, Kimberly has not only navigated the complexities of franchise ownership but has also contributed significantly to the growth and success of the brands she’s been associated with. Her innovative approach to franchise development, commitment to sustainable practices, and dynamic leadership make her a standout figure in the world of franchising.

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