Professional Franchise Consultant, Eric Little, CFE, on his Journey!

Eric Little, CFE,

Eric Little, CFE, is a professional franchise consultant who completed his bachelor’s in finance from the University of Kentucky in 1996. His career and the journey of skill acquisition started right after when he joined Ashland’s petroleum division as a sales representative. During his 26 years of career, Eric has worked with Valvoline, AlphaGraphics Inc., 1-800 water damage, BounceU, Ikor ® USA, and Right at home LLC in managerial and directorial roles. He is currently self-employed at his ventures, 402 Franchising and FranChoice.

Eric considers his tenure of 13 years at Right Home LLC as the most productive. His efforts ensured that the brand network grew from just 100 locations to 600 locations across eight countries. He is also proud of the substantial revenue increase from $100 million to more than $500 million. Here Eric led all Franchise Development functions, including sales management, budgeting, marketing/lead generation, human resources, legal/compliance, and resales.

Apart from a wide range of consulting services for franchisers, Eric also specializes in offering professional guidance to enthusiastic entrepreneurs to choose the franchises that are a good fit for them. This way, he helps eliminate the guesswork from their journey to entrepreneurship and independence.

Eric’s well-informed and balanced perspective about franchising stems from his vast experience working within franchise organizations across industries like home service, automotive, B2B, senior care, etc. He is well-versed in all stages of a franchise life cycle and helps new entrepreneurs from franchise identification to acquisition and business sales.

Eric has the requisite expertise to drive all franchise endeavors to success, from the strategic implementation of processes to building relationships and improving KPIs. People recognize him as a leader in the franchise industry, and he is well respected among other names in the space. He is committed to building enduring and meaningful partnerships, making him a revered professional.

Apart from franchise development, Eric is proficient in franchise training, marketing, compliance, legal aspects, and relationship management. His go-getter attitude has received praise from leaders, colleagues, and new franchise owners. His skills include new business management, leadership, sales management, and strategic planning.

Apart from his successful associations with organizations, Eric has also volunteered as a sports coach for the YMCA twin rivers logo, Kingswood athletic association, and Elkhorn Athletic association. His other volunteering efforts include his tenures as a board member at Franchise update media and Elkhorn public schools. He is also serving as the elementary school facilitator at junior achievement.

Eric Little, CFE, believes that the franchising business model has the potential to transform the lives of people who dream of business ownership. He is a Certified Franchise Executive with a vision of making entrepreneurial dreams come true. He leads experimentation and learning in their journeys and ensures that they succeed.

Eric contributes immensely to the franchise space with thorough industry knowledge and exceptional interpersonal skills.

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