Empowering Dreams: Careyann Golliver – America’s Franchise Matchmaker™

Careyann Golliver
Careyann Golliver

In the dynamic world of franchise development, Careyann Golliver stands out as a seasoned professional with a passion for helping investors and entrepreneurs achieve remarkable financial growth. With over two decades of experience, Careyann has not only grown her local family business into a top-rated national franchise, later acquired by the world’s largest retailer-owned hardware cooperative, Ace Hardware, but she has also earned the moniker “America’s Franchise Matchmaker™” for her distinctive approach to connecting clients with franchises that align with their financial goals and personal aspirations.

A Unique Journey to Success: Careyann’s journey is characterized by a commitment to excellence and a unique trajectory. She began as a local family business owner and transformed it into a nationally recognized franchise, eventually becoming a part of the Ace Hardware network. This journey was not just about business growth; it was about creating a legacy and contributing to the success of others. What truly sets Careyann apart is her role as America’s Franchise Matchmaker™, a title she has earned through a combination of deep industry insights, hands-on experience, and personalized franchise matchmaking.

Passion and Purpose:

At the core of Careyann’s work is a genuine passion for empowering her clients to make informed decisions that secure their financial futures. She believes in offering more than just a business opportunity; it’s about guiding individuals on a journey that aligns with their dreams. This unique perspective has resonated with clients who see franchise ownership not just as an investment but as a transformative experience.

Recognition and Media Presence:

Careyann’s impact extends beyond the business world, and her expertise has been acknowledged by various media outlets. She has been featured on platforms such as IHeartRadio, KOA Radio, NBC News, FOX News, Fortune Magazine, Entrepreneur, Bloomberg BusinessWeek, and LeadUp For Women. Her recognition in reputable publications speaks to the trust and credibility she has earned in the franchise industry.

Comprehensive Services:

As the owner and Franchise Consultant of FranchiseLogic, Inc., Careyann offers a range of services to her clients. These services include Franchise Consulting, Investment Strategy Development, Market Analysis and Research, Personalized Franchise Matchmaking, and Educational Resources. By providing a comprehensive suite of services, Careyann ensures that her clients are well-equipped to navigate the complex landscape of franchise ownership.

Testimonials Speak Volumes:

The success stories of Careyann’s clients serve as a testament to her dedication and effectiveness as a Franchise Matchmaker. Michele Deane, a Multi-Unit Franchise Owner, expresses her satisfaction, saying, “I was wowed with Careyann’s responsiveness and drive for results… Careyann will find it for you, too!” Steve Nilssen, a Senior Financing Consultant, attests to Careyann’s commitment, stating, “There’s no one who will work harder for their candidates or cares more about their success.”

Active Community Involvement:

Beyond her professional commitments, Careyann is actively involved in the community. Her role as Co-Chairwoman at the Women’s Franchise Network DFW demonstrates her commitment to fostering relationships among women in the franchising sector. She actively engages with industry professionals, addressing issues, sharing ideas, and offering solutions related to franchising.

Versatile Professional Background:

Before establishing FranchiseLogic, Inc., Careyann served as the Entrepreneur, Owner, and Consultant at FranChoice, starting in December 2012. In this role, she leveraged her two decades of personal experience in franchise business ownership, management, and sales and marketing to assist individuals in realizing their dreams of business ownership. She excelled in building and maintaining strong personal relationships with those seriously considering new opportunities.

During her tenure as the Development Director, Franchise Division at VR Business Brokers from 2005 to 2006, Careyann partnered with existing VR Brokers to create a specific franchising division. VR Business Brokers, a leader in the business brokerage industry, has been providing worldwide Merger & Acquisition services since 1979.

Life Beyond Work:

Away from her professional commitments, Careyann enjoys activities like retail therapy, fitness, tennis, hiking, spending time with family, and exploring Texas. This well-rounded approach to life reflects in her ability to connect with clients on a personal level.

Ready to Talk:

Careyann Golliver’s accessibility is a key aspect of her client-focused approach. She invites individuals to connect with her on LinkedIn or visit her website at Franchise Logic for more information. Whether through email at careyann@franchise-logic.com or a direct call at 303-359-4021, Careyann is ready to engage in insightful conversations about franchising.

Careyann Golliver’s journey from a local family business owner to America’s Franchise Matchmaker™ exemplifies her commitment to excellence and client success in the franchising landscape. Her unique blend of industry insights, hands-on experience, and personalized matchmaking continues to make a lasting impact on the lives of aspiring entrepreneurs and investors alike.

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