Stacey Heald CFE on her Career Experience & Franchise Mentorship

Stacey Heald CFE

Stacey Heald, CFE, completed her MBA in 1999 and joined her first job at SDA Marketing immediately after. Her first stint as an operations manager lasted for two years before she moved on to her next role as a business office manager. Stacey has been in the workforce for over 23 years and has proven her expertise in multiple business operations.

During Stacey Heald’s tenure, she has worked for the Surgical group, FLO Grills, and Medi-Weightloss. She has been responsible for franchise business reviews, identification of KPIs, organizational training and development, franchise sales, leadership, and project management. Other responsibilities that Stacey has handled in the past include recruitment, franchise sales, contract negotiations, acquisitions, financial analysis, multi-media marketing, etc.

She describes herself as a motivational leader, and her skillset includes strategic planning skills, marketing expertise, business development, contract negotiation, and team-building. This has also helped her earn the employee of the year title at Medi-Weightloss Franchising headquarters. Her responsibilities include leading multi-level operations of company franchise units.

The 14 years of experience that she has in the franchise industry bears testimony to her business acumen. She is an expert at managing various aspects of national brand expansion that include marketing, process improvement, consulting, and training. She is also responsible for comprehensive due diligence and management of the processes necessary to establish the new franchise entity and develop human capital to manage operations.

Stacey has led executive-level projects in the past and is also experienced at building teams and coming up with processes and systems to benefit complex organizations. She strives continually to strategize effectively and improve customer experiences while keeping expenditures in check.

She is making her mark in a majorly male-dominated space. Women, budding entrepreneurs, and people from all walks of life can draw inspiration from Stacey, who has exhibited superior business skills over her tenure in the workforce. Her leadership has been an asset for all organizations she has been a part of. Stacey’s leadership and coaching skills have helped her hone numerous others and offered the much-needed push to new franchise owners.

Stacey’s journey from being an operations manager at the beginning of her career to vice-president at her current job has been full of challenges. However, she has easily sailed through these challenges because of her strong interpersonal skills, business development, and strategic planning abilities.

Cost reduction and increasing efficiency have remained top priorities for Stacey. She has achieved these using her takeaways from her MBA program, learnings from the vast experience, and constant upskilling to keep up with the changes in the business space.

Stacey Heald is a certified franchise executive (CFE) who works with a vision to bring about a change across business verticals. She continues to work hard and shape the future of the franchise industry in multiple ways.

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