Jerry Cook of Melting Pot on the Need for a Franchisee Support System

Jerry Cook of Melting Pot

An experienced entrepreneur and owner with a demonstrated history of working in the restaurant industry, Jerry Cook of Melting Pot restaurant in Coral Springs is also a partner with the Boca Raton, Cooper City and Fort Myers locations. He has been with the Melting Pot franchise since 1994. 

Skilled in consulting, food & beverage, hospitality management, customer service, and wine, Jerry Cook of Melting Pot Restaurant has a strong background in business development with graduation from East Carolina University.

For Cook, the first thing that he loved about the Melting Pot was that there was no kitchen equipment, no chefs, none of that. It was a unique concept that he had ever experienced. So he went in and dined. He fell in love with the fact that it was interactive. It was quiet. It was relaxed.

It was everything opposite of what Cook thought the restaurant business would be. The brand itself was so unique and inviting that Cook felt like that definitely would be his destiny. Having been around since 1994, Cook feels like it’s a family with close to 26 franchises at the time.

For Cook, The Melting Pot franchise offered more than mentorship. It was a family. And over the next 20 so years, it’s remained the same. The brand has grown. There are more people now involved, but it’s still the same.

So if there’s anything that a franchisee needs, they have to call up and speak directly to the owner, which is a rare and great show of accountability. And every time the franchisees come for reunions, whether it’s once a year or twice a year, it’s as if they are seeing old friends. 

The Melting Pot, the renowned fondue restaurant in North America for over 45 years, now offers foreign entrepreneurs restaurant franchise options. In 2010, they opened in Canada and Mexico. They’ve discovered that the Melting Pot is a natural fit in many international marketplaces where the cuisine is shared with family and friends. 

If you would like to enjoy a similar cut of success that Cook enjoys now, check out Melting Pot’s fondue restaurant franchise offer for entrepreneurs! The Melting Pot’s new franchise owner promotion offers a Franchisee Incentive Program wherein franchisees must engage in a Franchise Agreement by December 31, 2021, to build, own, and operate a new restaurant. A provision in the agreement reduces the initial franchise fee from $50,000 to $22,500. Qualified franchisees who establish their new restaurant by a certain date will also receive lower royalties for the first two years.

As a franchisee, you may provide your community with a unique and tempting culinary experience. Their full-service restaurants offer a warm and friendly atmosphere to enjoy great food and good company. The Melting Pot offers an excellent investment opportunity with training programs, marketing support, and corporate advice.