Marc Phillips of FYZICAL Talks about his Eureka Moment

Marc Phillips of FYZICAL

When managing a multi-unit franchise for more than ten years, Marc Phillips of FYZICAL has much experience to share. FYZICAL, a physical treatment franchise with over 400 locations, has seven franchise units owned by Marc Phillips. His clinics are located in Colorado Springs, where he works with many patients, including football players from The Classical Academy and rugby players from Colorado Springs High School.

As part of skillful therapy, growth in vestibular balance is one of the biggest potentials we’ve seen in Colorado Springs. For Phillips, vestibular referrals are up significantly since joining FYZICAL, and they have been able to promote that to the EMTs and internal medicine doctors. While managing seven clinics has been challenging, Phillips has leveraged FYZICAL’s franchise support system to design an effective organizational chart and provide individual training.

Today Phillips shares his eureka moment that gave him a lot of insights into understanding what has made him successful today! Phillips shares how a reunion with a former coworker who had joined FYZICAL led him to discover the path to his success today.  Because of his previous experience in running many stores, he interviewed several franchisees in his area and some other multi-unit franchisees around the country to check for a suitable franchise investment match. None exceeded what FYZICAL offered.

In Phillips’ opinion, his success is largely attributable to three factors: a helpful franchise regional consultant, a great team, and the ability to put those people to work in various capacities. Phillips, a physical therapist, has been very candid to talk about his lack of franchise business know-how. And this clarity informed him of the need for a regular point of contact from corporate who can guide him through FYZICAL’s franchise ownership. 

Marc Phillips of FYZICAL stresses community involvement for franchisees who would like to expand their portfolios. To expand, a franchisee must have relationships with individuals in the community. For Phillips, every business is a relationship business. The necessity of having a strong foundation with effective leadership and well-trained staff is non-negotiable.

Phillips offers to be of help, particularly physical therapists who can use FYZICAL’s market expertise. For Phillips, a great franchisor should be able to provide franchisees with a “one-stop-shop” that includes advice on marketing, employee recruitment, and the potential return on investment. And he is happy that FYZICAL has met all his expectations.

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