Katin Keirstead, CFE on Entrepreneurship & Social Impact

Katin Keirstead CFE

Katin Keirstead, CFE, VP of Franchise Operations at Planet Fitness HQ, believes that all humans have a wealth of potential just lurking beneath the surface that’s just waiting to be tapped. So it is her mission to provide coaching, training, and resources to help women unleash their potential so collectively the franchise community can enjoy more successful businesses, underling more fulfilling careers for the entrepreneurs and happier lives.

CFE Katin Keirstead’s career started in massage therapy and holistic health care. She entered the profession because she wanted to help people have happier, healthier lives. She was offered an opportunity to teach massage therapy in a local career college, and she was hooked! It energized and inspired her to lead a classroom full of willing and eager individuals to do the work, both physically and emotionally, to create a new life for themselves.

Katin Keirstead spent nine years in postsecondary education as a faculty member, Director of Education, and finally, Campus Director. She then transitioned to franchise training as the Operations Training Manager for Planet Fitness World Headquarters in April 2014. Planet Fitness’s inclusive mission, core values, and culture provide an incredible environment for leadership development and ongoing improvement.

In August 2016, Katin achieved certification as a Coach, Speaker and Trainer with the John Maxwell Team. This certification expanded her toolkit tremendously, particularly the coaching curriculum, and raised her leadership lid and potential.

For Katin, volunteering is an important part of living her core values. She visited Jamaica in November 2018 as part of a volunteer group organized by one of her coaching clients. She spent time in the local YMCA teaching reading skills to Kingston’s “street boys” who were school dropouts and resorted to dangerous living on the streets of Kingston.

In another volunteering effort, she and the team taught career skills to a group of students at the HEART Academy, a job training program focused on young adults who struggled in traditional colleges and are trying to build valuable job skills to keep them off the streets and set them on a path to future success.

In July 2019, Katin Keirstead, CFE, joined the Board of Directors for Lafayette House, a group home for adults with developmental disabilities in Portsmouth, NH. This role has further deepened her conviction that leadership skills are fundamental across industries, including education, business, entrepreneurship, and non-profit.


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