Director of Franchise Development at Fastlane, Mike Samson on Success

Director of Franchise Development at Fastlane, Mike Samson

With 15+ years of retail leadership experience and a drive for leadership development, Director of Franchise Development at Fastlane, Mike Samson, works with aspiring franchisees and helps them grow to become successful and highly accomplished business owners.

Mike Samson has helped the lowest-performing franchisees and helped them become top performers. By leveraging a strong skillset in relationship building, teamwork and collaboration, and people development, Mike served and helped leaders and their teams become profitable, sustainable, and successful.

From helping a Fortune 500 district manager pivot in a most unprofitable market to becoming the most profitable one within its region to winning the Best Buy GM for a store that had never won the award before to being the Best Buy Mobile Area Manager (overseeing multiple locations) and winning Area Manager of the quarter for the entire company more than once, are some of Mike’s key accomplishments.

So, Mike Samson comes with a background in teaching; although he didn’t go down the “traditional” teaching path, his experience helped shape the way he sells. Starting his career with Best Buy in 2001 as the District Service Manager, he worked his way up the ladder as the District Connect Manager ending 2014.

After Best Buy, Mike found his way into the franchising world. His eyes were opened to the fulfillment in helping people achieve freedom and building wealth for their future. Working in his current role is incredibly rewarding. For example, he helps a franchisor, Legends Boxing, grow and scale into a nationally recognized brand. He gets to help franchisees achieve their dreams of becoming business owners using a business model that is proven to work.

It is tough for any struggling franchise seller to find a competent buyer who can carry the brand legacy in profitable ways. In such a space, Mike feels that even though the industry itself is vastly different from consumer electronics, the same lifestyle and solution-focused sales techniques still apply. One is just trying to help people solve a problem that they are currently experiencing.

As the Director of Franchise Development, Mike Samson spearheads Franchise FastLane, an accelerated turn-key franchise sales organization (FSO). The business works with a limited number of franchisors to perfect their discovery process, bring them qualified franchisee leads and drive explosive growth.

FastLane franchise brands always have an edge on growth, courtesy of Mike and his team’s strategic growth plan. He and his team leverage a proven marketing process helping franchisees to focus on business operations. Whether it’s meetings, callbacks, or financial validations, they have sales support fetching maximum return on investment. They also reserve some brag rights to highly qualified buyers.

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