The Life of Leonard Swartz CFE of iFranchise Group

Leonard Swartz CFE

For most of his 45-year career in franchising, Leonard Swartz, CFE, has served as President or a senior executive at six different companies, including popular franchisors Dunkin’ Donuts, a division of Snelling &Snelling, ADECCO (Adia Services), Dunhill Personnel, Postal Instant Press (PIP Printing), Chicken Unlimited, and a division of ITT. Leonard Swartz, CFE’s “hands-on” experience in franchising, is unrivaled in the industry.

After more than 30 years in senior franchise management positions, Mr. Swartz spent a decade as Arthur Andersen’s international franchise practice director. Additionally, he has been an advisor to Horwath International, an integrated organization of independent accounting and management consulting firms with more than 110 member and correspondent firms with offices in cities worldwide. Horwath International is a member of the International Federation of Accountants and the International Federation of Management Consultants.

Leonard Swartz, CFE, has worked with dozens of Fortune 2000 companies and hundreds of smaller franchisors in his various consulting capacities as a franchise business consultant.

Mr. Swartz is a well-known expert on international franchising, and he has written several articles on the subject of international franchising and franchising generally. He is a member of the North American Security Administrators Association’s Franchise and Business Advisory Committee and the North American Security Administrators Association’s Executive Committee (NASAA). Numerous franchise trade shows and conventions worldwide have invited him to be a guest speaker.

The International Franchise Association (IFA) is where Mr. Swartz spends most of his time. He has been a member of the International Affairs Committee, the Council of Franchise Supplier Advisory Board of Governors, and the Finance, Audit, and Budget Committee. He also serves as a Trustee of the International Franchise Associations’ Educational Foundation and as a board member and Treasurer of the Certified Franchise Executives Committee. Mr. Swartz has been awarded the CFE (Certified Franchise Executive) designation by the International Franchise Association (IFA).

Mr. Swartz is a Certified Public Accountant and a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accounts, the Illinois and Massachusetts CPA Societies, and an Associate Member of the American Bar Association. He graduated with honors from Northeastern University and has since completed graduate work in Business Administration, Marketing, and Finance at various institutions.

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