CEO of FranNet, Jania Bailey, CFE, on Right Franchise Match

FranNet, Jania Bailey

CEO of FranNet, LLC, Jania Bailey, CFE, is the industry’s most regarded consultant/broker company, which helps people find franchise opportunities that are a good fit for their lifestyle.

FranNet has been assisting individuals in finding their right franchise for more than 28 years, and it has also assisted hundreds of franchise systems in growing strategically. In addition to having more than 130 locally-based franchise consultants across the United States, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom (and increasing), FranNet also employs a proprietary profiling process to match individuals with suitable franchise opportunities accurately.

In the five years that Jania has been in charge, FranNet has been named to the coveted Inc. 5000 list five times in a row, including two years on the Inc 500 list. The independent-minded entrepreneurs of America are profiled in the complete way possible on this list, which represents the most important part of the country’s economy.

The success of FranNet can be linked to its ability to assist candidates in finding the “perfect” franchise opportunity, rather than simply selling a concept without assessing if it is the proper fit. FranNet is a “people business” that strives to make a meaningful difference in those who want to change their lives by starting their own business. FranNet provides great service and guidance to those who want to make a difference in their lives by starting their own business.

After acquiring Proven Match, a psychometric assessment tool, in 2013, FranNet expanded its services to the franchise market by acquiring, an online lead development site, in 2014.
Constant progress, taking risks to improve, believing in the company’s future, and having fun are hallmarks of the FranNet culture established under Jania Bailey’s leadership.

Jania has over 18 years of experience in the banking industry, with more than 16 years of that experience in commercial loans. She has seen a variety of enterprises prosper as well as fail. Franchises have always been strong support for her, and she will continue to be. Good franchisors offer a tried-and-true business model that is profitable. Due diligence with the franchisor and existing franchisees is conducted openly and transparently, providing prospective franchisees with the opportunity to learn about the concept.

When Jania Bailey started on her CFE journey, she came across FranNet, which has a reputation for properly verifying prospective Franchisees and franchisees. FranNet has always had a superb reputation in the industry. Because of the trust she builds with our customers; our advisors can guide thousands of individuals throughout the world on the business opportunities that are best suited to their specific circumstances.

In assessing franchise concepts, Jania and the team have come across some firms that should have never been franchised and several that are not prepared for rapid expansion. Accepting a fee and agreeing to represent or launch a brand that is not yet ready would be unfair to both the franchisor and the candidates who have been introduced to the concept of franchising.

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