CEO John Hewitt of Loyalty Brands Finds Success in Helping Others

John Hewitt of Loyalty Brands

American entrepreneur John Hewitt is a name to reckon with in the franchise industry. With over 50 years of experience in building successful franchise businesses, Hewitt is the captain of Loyalty Brands. John Hewitt of Loyalty Brands is relatable to many who have been forced out of their own making and pushed to try again. Success can be by fluke the first time, but when success repeats, you know there is a powerful mind at work. And that’s the story of Hewitt to urge you to rise from the ash like a phoenix.

What makes John Hewitt’s success with Loyalty Brands even more compelling is his strategy of rewarding and recognizing great talents in entrepreneurship. He also rewards people by encouraging them to recognize other aspiring entrepreneurs. To help franchise buyers flourish both fast and long-term, Loyalty Brands has put together a mix of franchise businesses and services that function well together. He has built a business system that encourages client loyalty, repeat purchases, and financial security for more than two decades.

Today, some of the franchise partners of Loyalty Brands include ATAX, a tax consultancy; Estrella Insurance, a property and casualty insurance agency; JOMSOM, a full-service staffing company; The Inspection Boys, a Home Services Inspection franchise, to name a few. In addition to these, John Hewitt of Loyalty Brands has put thousands of people in business with his franchised tax concepts, Jackson Hewitt and Liberty Tax Service.

So, what is Hewitt’s little-known secret? This is a simple idea, yet according to him, many brands still fail to grasp it.  Hewitt adds that in doing good for others, he has a  personal stake in the success and happiness of the franchise. His main motivation is to make a difference in people’s lives, and he achieves it aplomb.

There is no second thought about John Hewitt of Loyalty Brands as a motivated businessman. Reigning in the franchise industry for  51 years is no mean feat. Yet, at 72 years of age, Hewitt is just getting started building an empire under the umbrella franchise company of Loyalty Brands, which includes ATAX, business brokerage, small business accounting, tax preparation and networking franchises of all kinds.

If you can use some of Hewitt’s business intelligence, check out his podcast. For the uninformed, John Hewitt is the Hewitt in Jackson Hewitt Tax Services, also the founder of Liberty Tax Service with over 6000 offices that sold for over $1B. As the founder of Loyalty Brands, he is on a similar venture. So, in his podcast, he joins his partners in teaching entrepreneurs the secret to whipping their unique sauce.

Now, if you are a franchise buyer and would like to partner with John Hewitt of Loyalty Brands, you have plenty of franchise options to suit your interest. In the space of tax and insurance franchises, each business of Loyalty Brands either operates as an individual franchise model or seamlessly intertwines with the other brands to increase market share, cross-sell to current customers, and bring in more revenue. For more information, check out what they have in offer.