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Keap, the market leader in small business sales and marketing automation software, announced that Fully Promoted (FP) franchise has selected Keap as its preferred sales and marketing automation vendor for its more than 300 franchisees worldwide. Keap’s all-in-one customer relationship management (CRM), email and text marketing, and reporting solutions will enable FP and small business entrepreneurs operating franchises to operate more efficiently by shortening the time required to onboard new locations, improving the visibility of marketing results, and ensuring brand consistency across the business.

Franchisors and their affiliates face significant challenges when it comes to growing their businesses using existing, frequently disparate CRM and marketing automation solutions. Enterprise and midmarket software are far too complicated for entrepreneurs operating independent franchises. Simultaneously, low-end email marketing tools complicate the process of rolling out and monitoring system-wide email and text marketing campaigns for centralized teams. Additionally, franchisees’ use of multiple CRM and marketing platforms can make it difficult for franchisors to track results. They require solutions that will alleviate this anarchy and result in repeatable, predictable growth.

Keap unifies all of a franchisor’s affiliates on a single platform, significantly reduces onboarding time for new franchisees by up to 40%, and standardizes results reporting by implementing proven sales and marketing campaigns company-wide.

Tom Kronberger, FP’s Director of Vendor Relations, stated that franchisees are critical for growing our revenue base and increasing awareness of our brand and products in new markets. Nonetheless, one of the most pressing challenges we face is establishing a sales and marketing infrastructure that works for both corporate teams and small business owners. Keap enables franchisees to convert more prospects while sharing lead-generation marketing strategies, ensuring brand integrity, and gaining visibility into campaign results.

FP can accelerate onboarding with Keap by easily sharing campaigns and customizable templates, allowing franchisees to focus on serving customers and growing their business. Keap enables FP’s corporate marketing team to create, distribute, and publish content, as well as automated email and text follow-up sequences across the entire network, ensuring consistent messaging and branding and streamlining marketing for franchisees. Comprehensive reporting capabilities built into the Keap platform will enable FP to monitor campaign performance without requiring individual owners to submit time-consuming reports.

Keap provides FP franchisees with a robust sales and marketing automation solution tailored to the needs of small businesses. Franchisees can consolidate lead and client data in one location, enabling them to segment their audiences intelligently, create targeted marketing for promotional products and automate follow-up based on prospect and customer behavior to increase sales. By leveraging Keap to optimize their nurture messaging, these entrepreneurs and their dedicated teams can convert more business contacts into sales opportunities, effectively moving prospects through the funnel.

Garrick Jacobi, a Fully Promoted franchise, stated that tracking leads, tasks, and new prospects had been a breeze since we began using Keap. Everything is simple, from the project pipeline to email broadcasting. He utilizes the Keap on an hourly basis to delegate tasks, which helps him be more organized, have a better follow-up with his clients and overall work smarter.

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