Great Clips Kicks Off Back-to-School Campaign with Walker Hayes and Unreleased Song “Haircut”

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Great Clips has launched its annual back-to-school marketing campaign, emphasizing how a fresh haircut from Great Clips can boost kids’ confidence for the first day of school. The campaign features country music artist Walker Hayes and his six children in a video titled “In the Green Room,” which showcases the positive impact of a haircut on children’s confidence. The video also includes a chorus from Hayes’ unreleased song “Haircut,” which perfectly aligns with the campaign’s message.

Lisa Hake, Vice President of Marketing and Communications at Great Clips, expressed excitement about the positive response from the first back-to-school survey. Over half of the respondents stated that a fresh haircut boosts their children’s confidence as they start the new school year. The involvement of Walker Hayes and his family in the campaign reinforces the message that a haircut can significantly impact our daily lives.

“In the Green Room with Walker Hayes & Family” follows Walker and his kids as they visit a Great Clips salon in Murfreesboro, TN, to get fresh haircuts in preparation for the back-to-school season. The video beautifully captures the powerful role that a haircut plays in building confidence, both for Walker performing on tour and for his children returning to school.

Walker Hayes shared his personal experience, stating that a fresh haircut can provide the confidence needed to face any challenges. He also expressed his excitement to give fans a sneak peek of his song “Haircut,” as the message perfectly aligns with Great Clips’ campaign.

Great Clips conducted a survey for the first time, interviewing 1,000 parents of school-aged children about back-to-school haircuts. The results revealed that two out of five parents believe their children are self-conscious about their hair before the first day of school, more so than other appearance characteristics. However, parents acknowledge that a fresh new haircut can help their children overcome these insecurities and boost their confidence for the new school year.

The survey also highlighted the preferred timing for back-to-school haircuts, with 63% of respondents scheduling haircuts for their children within one week before school starts, and 26% planning haircuts 1-2 weeks in advance. Additionally, parents shared the top requested styles for boys and girls: fades were most popular among boys, while girls were interested in long layers. For boys, the top three requested styles included fades, textured haircuts for a messy or natural look, and longer lengths. Among girls, the top three requested styles were long layers, full bangs with one-length haircut, and curtain bangs/bob/pixie, all tied for third place.

When deciding where to bring their child for a back-to-school haircut, parents considered factors such as familiarity, pricing, stylists with specific skills, friendly stylists, and convenient locations.

Great Clips’ back-to-school campaign featuring Walker Hayes and the song “Haircut” highlights the significance of a fresh haircut in boosting children’s confidence for the upcoming school year.

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