Revolutionizing Franchise Payments: FranConnect Teams Up with Flywire to Transform Payment Processes

Revolutionizing Franchise Payments: FranConnect Teams Up with Flywire to Transform Payment Processes
Revolutionizing Franchise Payments: FranConnect Teams Up with Flywire to Transform Payment Processes

In a game-changing move that’s set to reshape the franchise landscape, FranConnect, the leading provider of franchise and multi-location management software, has joined forces with Flywire, a global payments powerhouse, to introduce an innovative solution: Sign-to-Pay. This exciting partnership marks a turning point in how franchise payments are handled, revolutionizing the way businesses manage their financial transactions.

In today’s digital age, the journey towards excellence is driven by technological advancements that bring convenience and efficiency to the forefront. FranConnect and Flywire are at the forefront of this evolution, with their collaborative effort bringing a fresh wave of transformation to franchise operations.

Gone are the days of cumbersome and time-consuming payment processes. The Sign-to-Pay solution, a result of FranConnect and Flywire’s collaboration, has emerged as a groundbreaking tool designed to streamline payment flows within the FranConnect platform itself. This cutting-edge solution is now accessible to users, allowing more than 1,500 brands to experience a new era of payment efficiency.

So, what exactly is Sign-to-Pay? Imagine a system that automates the collection of initial franchise payments, eliminating the hassles of manual handling and potential errors. With a seamless integration into the FranConnect platform, the solution offers an unparalleled ease of use. Franchise brands can now wave goodbye to the days of waiting weeks or even months for payments to materialize. Instead, payments are processed promptly as soon as a franchise agreement is executed, revolutionizing the speed at which businesses can launch new units and start generating revenue.

FranConnect CEO, Gabby Wong, expresses the pivotal role of the Sign-to-Pay solution: “Our customers have told us for years that the speed-to-open problem for new franchise units is a serious pain point, which impacts the bottom line for them and their new franchisees. The Sign-to-Pay solution transforms how franchisors execute the critical last mile of the franchise agreement by reducing the time it takes to collect that initial franchise fee.”

This seamless integration provides a significant boost to franchisors, offering benefits such as reduced collection time, quicker revenue recognition, and improved cash flow. The tedious process of manually collecting Initial Franchise Fees (IFF) and other upfront investments becomes a thing of the past, replaced by a streamlined online process that’s not only efficient but secure.

The power of innovation lies in its ability to reshape existing norms, and Sign-to-Pay does just that. By introducing a “Pay Now” link immediately after the franchise agreement is signed, FranConnect empowers franchisees to make payments securely and conveniently. The link redirects them to a dedicated Flywire payment page, providing various payment methods and currency options, catering to a global audience.

Ian Walsh, Chief Operating Officer at FranConnect, emphasizes the significance of this collaboration: “Sign-to-Pay represents the first joint solution developed from our partnership with Flywire, and we are excited to see it brought to life. It is a great example of the power of our Technology partnership program.”

The impact of this partnership extends beyond just payment processing efficiency. Franchise CFOs now have a powerful tool at their disposal to enhance profitability and expedite revenue generation. The reduction in days to first dollar is a game-changer, creating a more robust financial foundation for franchise businesses.

FranConnect’s commitment to innovation doesn’t end with Sign-to-Pay. As a frontrunner in franchise management software, FranConnect continuously seeks opportunities to elevate its customers’ experiences. This partnership with Flywire is a testament to their dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that reshape industry standards.

FranConnect’s reputation as a trusted partner for franchise management is well-earned, with approximately 900 brands worldwide relying on their platform. The addition of Sign-to-Pay is set to further solidify its position as a pioneer in the field, offering unmatched solutions that drive growth, enhance profitability, and streamline operational performance.

In a world where every second counts and efficiency is the name of the game, FranConnect, and Flywire’s collaboration has unlocked a new chapter for the franchise industry. The future of payments is here, and it’s redefining the landscape one franchise at a time.

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