How Mathnasium is Getting Viral in the Global EdTech Industry?

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Mathnasium, a global leader in the math-tutoring industry, credits the Mathnasium Method™ as the driving force behind the company’s exceptional success, which has resulted in the establishment of over 1,100 centers in over 100 countries. To assist more kids in mastering math, the corporation built 62 new locations last year.

Mathnasium has been a dependable learning champion for innumerable students who have struggled with distance-learning issues and are concerned about falling behind in their studies during the epidemic. Many families have turned to Mathnasium to augment their children’s education because of its flexible in-person, hybrid learning model and their remote Mathnasium@home option, which provides face-to-face, online maths tuition with the same highly experienced teachers available at each location.

Shant Assarian, the CEO of Mathnasium, says that the organization’s mission goes beyond simply helping students with math; it is also about teaching students through mathematics, developing students’ lifelong problem-solving and processing skills, and opening students’ eyes to different approaches to finding a solution. It is one thing to answer a math problem on your own; it is another to teach others, especially children, how to solve arithmetic problems. They have been providing an effective supplement to the excellent job that teachers undertake in schools for decades, and the demand for their services is stronger now than ever.

Mathnasium’s skilled educators create a customized study plan for each student, who use exclusive teaching materials and methodologies to give a tailored learning experience. This proactive approach to learning has attracted the attention of educators all over the world, with many of them opting to become part of the Mathnasium franchise network. Mathematics has drawn a diverse range of people, from engineers to military veterans, to its platform due to its proven business strategy and possible return on investment.

Mathnasium’s recent acquisition by Roark Capital further enhances the company’s ability to provide its franchisees with the most cutting-edge technology, as well as world-class training and support. It has been determined that there is significant expansion potential for the Mathnasium Franchise in California, Connecticut, Indiana, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Ohio, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, among other states.

Mathnasium is the most successful math-only supplemental education franchise in North America, with 14 locations in 14 countries. Since 2002, the Mathnasium Method™, the culmination of more than two decades of practical instruction and development, has been transforming the lives of children in grades 2-12 by providing comprehensive assessments and fully customized learning plans and teaching true math comprehension. Since 2004, Mathnasium has been named to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of the top 500 franchises in the world.

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