Marco’s Pizza® Expands in South Florida, Sets the Stage for Delectable Success

Marco's Pizza® Fort Lauderdale
Marco's Pizza® Fort Lauderdale

In a move that’s sure to tantalize taste buds across South Florida, Marco’s Pizza®, a rising star in the pizza scene, has sealed a significant 5-unit agreement. This strategic step is set to introduce the brand’s delectable offerings to the South Florida market, with a focus on the greater Fort Lauderdale area and the tri-county region. With the first two stores slated to open their doors this summer at 811 East Commercial Blvd. and 811 North Nob Hill Rd., the momentum will continue as all remaining stores prepare to delight pizza enthusiasts by Q2 2024.

Driving this exciting venture are the dynamic father-son duo, Rodrigo Azpurua and Enrique Azpurua, whose journey began in Venezuela and culminated in the United States in pursuit of the American Dream. Rodrigo, well-versed in real estate development, added office buildings and hotels to his portfolio before venturing into the hospitality and lodging industry. With a taste for new challenges, he set his sights on the world of food and beverage.

The timing couldn’t have been better, coinciding with Enrique’s graduation from Florida International University in 2021 with a hospitality degree. Recognizing an opportunity to create something exceptional together, the father-son team embraced an entrepreneurial spirit. Both avid fans of Marco’s Pizza and its top-notch product decided to explore the franchise avenue. Their faith in the brand’s values, and efficient operating systems, and more solidified their belief that Marco’s Pizza was the perfect platform to establish a lasting family legacy.

Rodrigo Azpurua passionately stated, “This is a dream of building a family legacy in this great country. Not only do we have the opportunity to grow a family business, but we’ve found the ultimate brand partner to do so with. Marco’s has the perfect recipe of a quality product, a proven business model, impressive statewide brand awareness, and an opportunity to grow a robust portfolio.”

Enrique Azpurua echoed his father’s sentiment, emphasizing their dedication: “As an immigrant entrepreneur, my dad has instilled in me the value of hard work from a very young age. It’s a privilege to operate as a family business, and rest assured, we’ll be working hard. We look forward to becoming part of the community and creating job opportunities, and career pathways. We’re on the fast track to get these five stores up and running to serve our local residents.”

With over 130 locations already established across the state, Marco’s Pizza recognizes the vast potential for expansion in the South Florida region. This multi-unit agreement seamlessly aligns with the brand’s aggressive growth strategy, targeting the establishment of more than 200 stores in various stages of development. Over the last six years, Marco’s Pizza has impressively doubled its store count and remains unwavering in its pursuit of growth, with a potential 4,200 U.S. locations on the horizon.

Beyond expansion, Marco’s Pizza is investing in enhancing its franchise development program, incorporating cutting-edge technology, bolstering its team, forging strategic vendor partnerships, launching impactful multi-channel national advertising campaigns, and more. All these initiatives are aimed at optimizing profitability for franchisees while meeting the evolving needs of modern customers.

Marco’s Pizza’s commitment to growth is underscored by its remarkable financial performance. According to the brand’s Franchise Disclosure Document, the top 50% of Marco’s franchised stores generated an impressive $1,222,684 in 2022.

With a thriving network of over 1,100 stores, Marco’s Pizza’s success story includes surpassing $1 billion in annual systemwide sales in Q3 2022. The brand extends comprehensive support to its franchisees and multi-unit operators, equipping them with technology tools to identify prime expansion territories and guidance in areas like financing, real estate, construction management, and field operations.

For those tempted by the delicious prospect of Marco’s Pizza franchise opportunities, a wealth of information awaits on their website. Alternatively, those with queries can reach out to Shannon Iverson, Vice President of Franchise Sales, at 866-731-8209.

About Marco’s Pizza

Founded in 1978 by the Italian-born Pasquale (“Pat”) Giammarco, Marco’s Pizza has swiftly ascended to become one of America’s Top 10 Favorite QSR Brands, a distinction bestowed by the 2022 Market Force Information Study. Headquartered in Toledo, Ohio, Marco’s Pizza is renowned for delivering a premium pizza experience, distinguished by its scratch-made dough and signature blend of three cheeses. With over 1,100 stores spanning 34 states, including Puerto Rico and the Bahamas, Marco’s Pizza stands as a dominant player in the industry. The brand consistently garners accolades, securing a high ranking on Newsweek’s “America’s Best Customer Service” list, QSR’s Top 50 list, and Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Franchise 500” ranking.

*Based on the Average Sales Volume of the top 50% of our Franchised Stores for our fiscal year 2022. Based on our fiscal year 2022, 160 of 414 Franchised Stores in the category (or 39%) met or exceeded this average. This information appears in Item 19 of our 2023 FDD – please refer to our FDD for complete information on financial performance. Results may differ. There is no assurance that any franchisee will perform as well.

Source: Marco’s Pizza

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