Ziebart Franchisee Drew Nicholoff Honored as Franchise Rock Star by Franchise Business Review

With a presence in 37 countries, Ziebart operates over 400 locations and 1,300 service centers.
With a presence in 37 countries, Ziebart operates over 400 locations and 1,300 service centers.

Ziebart, a global leader in premium automotive appearance and protection services, is excited to announce the recognition of Drew Nicholoff, a franchisee in Lansing, with the prestigious Franchise Rock Star Award from Franchise Business Review. Drew Nicholoff’s unwavering dedication to helping others and achieving remarkable business success have earned him this esteemed accolade in the category of Millennial-Owned franchises. Outshining over 250 nominees across eight diverse categories, Nicholoff’s exceptional journey stands as a shining example of franchise excellence.

Drew Nicholoff’s association with Ziebart commenced in 2010, when he initially joined as an accessory installer. A decade later, in 2020, Nicholoff seized the opportunity to purchase the very store where he had dedicated his skills and efforts. Despite the unprecedented challenges posed by the pandemic, Nicholoff’s Ziebart franchise continued its upward trajectory, consistently achieving growth year after year.

Reflecting on his journey, Nicholoff shared his sentiments: “I take pride in my customers, my business, and the quality of the work Ziebart does. When I first took over the Lansing store, we had no idea the world was about to turn upside-down. But luckily, with the right team in place – not to mention the incredible support from my wife, Meredith – anything’s possible as a business owner. The growth and development of this store is a reflection of hard-working, passionate people.”

Nicholoff’s remarkable journey exemplifies that success knows no bounds, even when achieved close to home. His commitment to ensuring customer satisfaction and the consistent upward trajectory of his store’s sales during his ownership have been identified as key factors in his outstanding accomplishments.

Jason Theisen, Ziebart’s Vice President of U.S. Franchise Operations, praised Nicholoff’s contribution to the brand’s success: “Drew has been the shining example of a successful franchisee for any franchise business, and we’re lucky to have him on the Ziebart team. The American Dream is still alive in Drew, his wife, and his store. To see him rise from a shop tech to being a Franchise Rock Star winner is an inspiration to us all – from millennials just starting on their franchising journey to veteran franchise owners who have been with the brand for decades.”

Drew Nicholoff’s journey epitomizes the essence of entrepreneurship and the possibilities it holds. From his modest beginnings as an accessory installer to becoming a celebrated Franchise Rock Star, Nicholoff’s dedication, determination, and passion have propelled him to new heights within the Ziebart franchise family.

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More about Ziebart
Established in 1959, Ziebart International Corporation stands as a global leader in premium automotive appearance and protection services that extend the lifespan of vehicles. With a presence in 37 countries, Ziebart operates over 400 locations and 1,300 service centers. The brand’s commitment to growth extends to both domestic and international franchising opportunities, presenting a best-in-class investment for qualified prospects. To delve into the world of Ziebart, including franchise opportunities, kindly visit www.ziebart.com.

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