Another Reason for you to Consider a Gong Cha Franchise

Gong Cha Franchise
Founders: Jason Vuong & Hannah Vuong
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If you love tea and coffee and would love to indulge in something Asian, think about a Gong Cha Franchise to go truly global! Founded in 2006 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan, it is now one of the world’s renowned bubble tea brands. The brand has maintained its reputation for quality tea and service against many competitors.

Gong Cha’s success in Taiwan proved that customers liked the high-quality tea, products, and services offered. The “Milk Foam” Gong Cha USA specialty has been successful with consumers who wanted a unique twist on tea-based cocktails. Their milk foam salted cream topping over hot tea is a delight!

Today, Gong Cha appears at #156 on the Franchise Times’ Top 400 Franchise of 2021. With this, the brand is leading in bubble tea and ranking third in terms of units sold. Each year, the Franchise Times compiles a list of the 400 largest franchise systems in the United States based on worldwide systemwide sales.

Gong Cha, the world’s leading bubble tea brand with more than 1,600 locations, is a testament to the company’s aggressive expansion plans in the United States. With nearly 130 new locations in 16 states and Washington, D.C., Gong cha is on track to have more than doubled the number of new locations it launched last year, from 25 to 67, by the end of this year.

Gong Cha’s dedication starts with its brand’s name. In Chinese, Gong Cha means “tribute tea for the emperor.” The tea is sourced from the best estates in Asia. The tapioca pearls are freshly prepared every four hours. Consumers can tailor their beverage to their exact preferences, including the addition of toppings, ice, and a desired level of sweetness.

As Gong Cha Americas’ chief executive officer Einar Gustafsson explains, the company is “proud” to be listed on Franchise Times’ list of the world’s best franchises. There is a growing demand for bubble tea shops across America. We have accomplished Gong cha representatives ready, willing, and able to answer to that demand with new shops quickly. “Bubble tea is taking off here in the United States.

To help franchisees who have the enthusiasm, experience, and financial resources to expand and support a big territory across multiple states, Gong Cha has a master franchise program. The business is actively looking for master and sub-franchisees to continue its rapid expansion across the United States. Visit this link for additional details on these possibilities: