Mouth-Watering Shawarma Press Franchise Open to Partnerships

Shawarma Press Franchise
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If you love Mediterranean cuisine, Shawarma Press Franchise is open to your taste buds and new franchise partnerships.

As a frontrunner in fast-casual Mediterranean cuisine, Shawarma Press has revealed intentions to open ten more outlets in Texas, Oklahoma and Florida. Following the success of the Irving facility, the Lone Star State will witness rapid development in 2021 with Arlington, Plano, San Antonio, and Georgetown. In 2022, new restaurants will open in Irving, Frisco, Mansfield, Oklahoma, and Florida. At least seven of the franchises will be located within Walmart, according to Shawarma Press CEO Sawsan Abublan.

In 2017, Abublan co-founded Shawarma Press with her husband, Dr. Ehap Sabri. “Our Irving customers love our classic wraps as well as our fusion products like the spicy Tandoori PressTM and Tex-Mex PressTM Shawarmas. Our fresh menu items are created in-house and cater to a wide range of palates and dietary needs.”

Customers of all ages, nationalities, and backgrounds demand healthier options without losing flavor or portion size. In addition to serving substantial proteins, whole grains, aromatic spices, and fresh vegetables, Shawarma Press offers more nutritious options than many fast-casual restaurants.

Abublan stated that Shawarma Press uses premium meat and 100% natural poultry without steroids, hormones, or antibiotics. The menu includes wraps, appetizers, salads, baked goods, and vegan alternatives. One of Shawarma’s standout dishes is thin slices of beef or chicken layered in a cone shape and gently roasting on a vertical rotisserie.

“We introduced Shawarma to the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex,” Abublan added. “For those unfamiliar, ‘Shawarma’ is the wrap, and ‘press’ is the grill or griddle used to crisp it up. Customers love our homemade hummus, falafel, and sauces, which may be eaten in our lively, welcoming ambiance or at home.”

Shawarma Press began as a need for authentic, freshly produced Mediterranean food, a notion uncommon in Dallas, Fort Worth. Before opening his first restaurant in Irving, Abublan experimented with Middle Eastern cuisines and collected recipes from family members and famous chefs. However, Shawarma Press kept its doors open and swiftly re-established itself with a devoted customer base. The Irving branch is open seven days a week, including holidays, and offers special occasion catering.

“We’re excited to share our fast casual Mediterranean food idea with everyone,” said Abublan. With ten new Shawarma Press franchise outlets in Walmart and other locations, it allows us to amaze customers with the delicious flavors and health advantages of Mediterranean food.

Shawarma Press serves freshly created authentic Mediterranean cuisine, including Shawarma in wraps, bowls, and platters, along with homemade favorites like falafel, hummus, and desserts. There’s something for everyone on the menu at Shawarma Press, from the conservative to the daring. Shawarma Press, headquartered in Irving at 411 East Royal Lane, plans to open ten new stores in Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida, invites franchising partnerships. If you are interested in the Shawarma Press franchise, visit their site to learn more.